Western sophomore Grant Eadie is the force behind Manatee Commune, a local band that’s about to play some pretty big stages. Eadie is set to perform at Capitol Hill Block Party and Bumbershoot. Before he spends a summer blowing people’s minds with his solo-electronic sets, we sat down with him to discuss his inspirations, his plans for the future and what’s behind the name Manatee Commune.

Q: How did your sound come to be?
Honestly, it really came from just who I am. It’s really just a culmination of everything that I like. I like a lot of Gold Panda, Bonobo, I also listen to a lot of Tycho which is super chill electronic, but the same time I’ve had this big classical influence. So when I started producing I wanted to capture all of these artists that I listen to, but also use all of the skills that I had learned. It kind of just came together.

Q: Why the name Manatee Commune?
I couldn’t really think of anything too original, so I was sitting at my computer one day in the Ridge dorms in freshman year, and I was on Reddit and I saw this GIF of a manatee making contact with the glass of its aquarium. I like manatees a lot as it is, but that GIF itself just captured it for me. I came up with manatee and I wanted to do a tribute to Animal Collective’s style because I was really going through a Merriweather phase at the time. So I wanted to do ‘Collective’ but collective sounded too cheesy, so I went with commune. I thought that’s a great name to start out with.

Q: How do you feel about your success and the big festivals that you are playing at?
The big ones that I have lined up are Capitol Hill Block Party and Bumbershoot. I feel mainly excited, also really nervous. I’ve never had this many people want to be at something that I’m doing before so I’m really excited for that. I guess I’m mainly nervous since I’m back to back with a bunch of signed artists. I’m playing with Wu-Tang, like that’s ridiculous!

Q: What are you excited to do in the future?
Probably the biggest one will be to really hone my artwork. I’m still working on how to perform live, and as an electronic musician it is really limiting. You only have so many hands. I have this idea in my head, but its really difficult to translate that to a live setting where everybody is dancing and being loud. One of the things I really like is when I make a really great transition and I make contact with some kid who is just having his mind blown. I love making people’s minds get blown. So I guess the objective would be to create a set that I could look out upon the crowd and see that everybody’s minds are getting blown.