One word describes an upcoming film sponsored by Associated Students Productions Films and the AS Sexual Awareness Center – fetch.

The two offices will host two showings of the 2004 comedy “Mean Girls” at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 2, in Academic West 204.

A discussion panel will be held in AW 203 following the 7 p.m. showing.

Films Coordinator Hayley McVay said SAC Coordinator Morgan Jade approached her wanting to show a film that is prominent in pop culture, which led to the decision for both offices to show “Mean Girls.”

By using “Mean Girls,” a popular film many students have likely seen, the two offices can discuss how and why the movie portrays sexuality.

“It’s an awareness thing through a pop-culture lens that people are familiar with and like,” McVay said.

The showing of “Mean Girls” is a perfect way to view pop culture’s take on stereotypes and the realities of topics such as sexual expression, SAC Assistant Coordinator Danny Canham said.

The discussion panel will focus on multiple topics, including the film’s portrayals of negative and unhealthy sexual relationships.

Jade and McVay, in preparation for the discussion panel, took notes on the key themes and key scenes in the movie. McVay said they plan to discuss the topic of “slut slamming,” which is brought up in the film, as well as how the movie jokes about sex education. 

One scene in the film shows a high school health teacher telling students that if they have sex they will get pregnant and die.
Films and the SAC hosted a similar event last year, showing the film “Superbad.”