Ranging from A’capella to Zombies, the Associated Students Club Activities Office has it all. Whatever your interest may be, there’s a club for it. If there isn’t a club already, you can start a club of your own and add to the club system. The AS has a club system that encompasses over 200 clubs a quarter. These clubs are created and run by students and even host events for the Western and Bellingham communities.

The source of the Western club system is the AS Club Activities Office, commonly referred to as the Club Hub, located in Viking Union 425. The intent of my office is to provide students who are involved in clubs various resources and a room to work on promotional material as well as event planning. If you are looking into joining or creating a club we’ll help and guide you towards the perfect club match.

As stated on our website, the Club Hub aims to empower, support, and provide opportunities for diverse student interests and community building within clubs. The office serves clubs as a resource for leadership and organizational development, as well as event planning and programming. We are committed to ensuring all students can be involved and engaged in the Western community.

As the Club Coordinator, the Club Hub is my home. I am the person that supports the clubs and am responsible for guiding students through the steps of creating a club, planning events, how to manage their clubs, how to utilize OrgSync, an organizational networking tool we use for all AS clubs, and teaching clubs how to be self-supporting and sufficient to creating student leaders.

I see the Club Hub as an evolving organism: it’s the third year for my position to exist in the AS. The Club Hub is constantly being changed every quarter: adopting new methods of assisting clubs in whatever they may need as well as adapting to student needs.

Because we’re constantly changing, this year we’ve incorporated two new positions and volunteer opportunities to help the club needs. This year we will be hiring two supporting specialists as well as recruiting two volunteer peer resource officers. If you are interested, apply online at http://as.wwu.edu/personnel.

If you are passionate about clubs and student interests, we encourage you to apply for a position. These new positions will assist me in training clubs to be self-sufficient and train clubs in the various club processes.

Clubs on campus provide the opportunity for students to expand and explore their interests, network, develop themselves professionally and to bond and have fun with other students they wouldn’t otherwise meet. Through joining one of the many clubs on campus, you can have those experiences. We are looking forward to an amazing year and working with all students.

High fives and good vibes,
Jarred Tyson