In the tradition of bringing epic shows to Western, AS Productions Pop Music has done it again, hitting students with the one-two-three punch of Minus the Bear, The Helio Sequence and Grand Archives.

The show will be in the on Friday 8 p.m. on Nov. 9, in Viking Union Multipurpose Room. Doors will open at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $13 for Western students with identification and $16 for the general public.

Straight from Seattle, Minus the Bear is returning to Western as a part of their nationwide tour to promote their third full-length album, “Planet of Ice.” They will be accompanied by The Helio Sequence the Indie, electronic band that call Beaverton, Oregon home and Indie Rock Band Grand Archives.

Awarded MTV's Band of the Week Sep. 17, MTV met up with Minus the Bear in Seattle and gave them an old-school Super 8 camera. The resulting footage, which was played all week during their “Artist of The Week” TV spots, was shot at their favorite Seattle locations, like the Capitol Hill pub Clever Dunnes and the Seattle Laser Dome.

The name “Minus the Bear” comes from an inside joke between the band members, referring to the 80s TV show BJ and the Bear. Formed in 2001 the band has met wide success in the past six years. Band Members include Dave Knudson on guitar, Cory Murchy on bass, Alex Rose on electronics, Jake Snider, lead vocals and Erin Tate on the drums.

The bands latest album, “Planet of Ice”, has received favorable reviews from critics and fans. Spin Magazine wrote that the band's latest album is, “sublimely elegant and more maturely conceived. It comes to a head when glitchy synths skip into playful free-form guitar on ‘Knights,' the first single released on the new album then eases into the delicate ebb and flow of ‘When We Escape,' a mid-tempo ode to newfound lust.”

“They keep it real they aren't possessed by stardom, they are fun and college kids love them,” said Hunter Motto, ASP Pop Music coordinator.

To get a better idea of what to expect from the Minus the Bear show I sat down with self proclaimed music conasuier Victor Cuellar ASP Pop Music assistant coordinator.

Breaking through the tension that naturally arises from sitting on a couch with Cuellar I was able to get past the aura to get some genuine explanation of what makes Minus the Bear such a great band.

“Minus the Bear is interesting because judging by their stage set they are pretty basic, they have classic instruments but play them in a completely different way,” Cuellar said.

Cuellar went on to compare them to an article of clothing.

“They (Minus the Bear) are like those zipper pants. Why? Because they are applicable all the time, comfortable all the time and fashionable all the time.”

If that doesn't give you an idea about what the show will be like than don't be alarmed not everyone understands Victorisms. Just know that a comparison to zipper pants is a huge compliment.

Minus the Bear came to play last year and was only 50 people shy of selling out the VU MPR.

“This year we are hoping to go all the way,” Cuellar said.

You can buy tickets to the show at the WWU Box Office (360) 650-6146.