Why are you seeking this position?

I was encouraged by friends and colleagues to consider running for AS President.
Not only did others want me to run, but I wanted to seek this position for my own reasons. This position needs a strong leader that knows what to do under pressure and make tough decisions. I know that I am that leader.
When I was elected in the middle of the year, I had to adjust and hit the ground running. By looking at my contributions and the change in the organization, it’s safe to say that I’m someone that takes the initiative to be a part of the solution and be the change that I want to see.
I’ve worked with our students and I’ve seen the disconnect between their needs and the AS. I know what support employees need from the board to be empowered. But mostly, I see the room for improvement and I know what steps to take in order to turn these opportunities into success.

What do you think is the role of the AS President?

I know the role of the AS President. I’ve had experience working with this position through my time as an AS Board member. I understand how this position creates change and supports the organization.
To put it simply, the AS President’s role is to wear many hats at one time. Not only are you a student, but a leader, an advocate, a super-fan, a feedback provider, a safe-space giver, a role model, a support system and a voice.
As a leader and an advocate, self-care is of the utmost responsibility of this position. If a leader is unable to take care of themselves, they’re unable to take care of others they’re leading. I will support student needs and positively represent the university as a whole.
In order for an organization to grow, it’s important to provide feedback for further growth and development. The AS needs to be dynamic and changing to evolve around students preferences.

What is one issue affecting students that you would like to focus on or work on next year?

Choosing one would limit my ability to represent the intersectionality and wide variety of needs students face.
My one issue is money. Money in the sense that we all face negative fiscal implications. The cost of tuition is limiting the ability for some people to attend college and I would like to continue lobbying for a tuition freeze. Student loans have reached one trillion dollars and I want to advocate for sustainable financial assistance.
Carver Gym is beyond its ability to provide a safe space for student athletes and I’ll continue to advocate for funds to renovate that facility. Your student dollars are allocated to the AS and not everyone utilizes the services, programs and professional development the AS provides.
Your needs as a student need to be met, and I know how to make that happen. Your questions should be answered before they are asked. You not only should have a seat at the table, but a voice. Let me be that voice.



I am a senior at Western Washington University pursuing a study of International Business, and triple minoring in German, Economics and Energy Policy. I have multiple years of experience serving students with leadership roles, business operations and financial budgeting, as well as facilitating day-to-day business practices. During my time at Western, I was a Resident Advisor for two years, worked as AS Business Director and served as your VP for Business and Operations.
My goal as AS President? To maximize efficiency of the organization by meeting your needs as a student through programs and services that you want. If your needs are not being met, then I want to make changes to ensure you get the highest quality in your Western experience. Vote me, Morgan Burke for AS President, and I promise to use my skills and experience to represent your voice and strengthen the Western community.