Matt Crowley/The AS Review

As the school year begins, so does another year at the Associated Students, where some familiar faces have found themselves in new positions. Resource and Outreach Programs Director Brittany Otter and AS Productions Director Shalom Long have worked in the AS before, but now find themselves in new offices with new duties and responsibilities. The AS Review spoke with both as they prepared to tackle the 2010-2011 school year.

Brittany Otter
The AS Review: What are your goals for next year?

: First, I would like to help create a comprehensive and inclusive training for all AS employees, ROP employees, and individual offices for the fall. It is my job in summer to create my department trainings for the coordinators so that they feel comfortable with their skills and knowledge on the first day of work. Second, I would like to create and sustain a privilege and oppression training AS-wide, so that all employees will have a base knowledge of how privilege and oppression affect their work and so departments can incorporate these values into areas that specifically meet their type of work. Third, I hope to evaluate the ability for the ROP to provide gender-neutral restrooms during events. I will be working with many people on this project that affects many more people besides myself and the ROP. Fourth, I am dedicated to evaluating and improving the accessibility and accommodations processes for AS events. This includes establishing an effective and efficient process that is respectful of student needs and the abilities of offices to provide them, as well as making this process well known to student employees and staff, as well as students across campus who wish to come to an AS event. Fifth, I have inherited the Preferred Name Project from my predecessor and would like to continue to research, communicate with admissions and possibly implement a system where students are able to enroll and be known as their preferred names. Sixth, I hope to facilitate and manage a successful and effective set of events, resources and safe spaces that all seven of the ROP offices have to offer.

AS Review: What are you looking forward to most?
Otter: Many things, but to be honest, the first thing I want to see is the satisfaction from a coordinator that they are comfortable and enjoying themselves. I want to see a smile or the shine in someone’s disposition that tells me that they feel at home, proud of what they are doing, and encouraged to keep being their wonderful selves. The most rewarding aspect of working in the AS for me has been to know that I make a difference.

Shalom Long
The AS Review: What attracted you to the position?

Long: I have worked with ASP since my second week here at Western, first as a runner and currently as the ASP Special Events assistant coordinator.  I love the organization and everything that it offers to the Western experience all students receive. My main passion in life is community.  I felt that this job allows me to use my skills toward my passion.

AS Review: Does your new job have any relation to your academic or career aspirations?

Long: Yes! I hope to continue after Western to work in event programming. I plan on getting my major in communications, and a self-designed event planning minor.  ASP is a great fit for me because I have gotten to experience multiple aspects of what goes into an event.  Also, I love making people happy and seeing people enjoy themselves, so an entertainment-based office is a great fit.  ASP gives students access to entertainment that would otherwise be out of reach, yet allows students to dialogue, listen to local and popular music, view films, challenge perspectives of many artists and enjoy an out-of-this-world time with special events.  It’s such a well-rounded experience, I cannot wait.

AS Review: What are you looking forward to most?
Long: I am most looking forward to see what next year’s staff has to offer.