In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the Associated Students Women’s Center will be in Red Square on Oct. 24 and Oct. 31 displaying The Clothesline Project, a collection of T-shirts made by domestic violence survivors and their families. The shirts belong to the Womencare Shelter, a Bellingham-based organization that provides a shelter for female-identified individuals and their families to escape violent domestic situations.

“The Clothesline Project is intended to raise awareness about the prevention of domestic violence, and it’s doing it in a way that displays the feelings and experiences of people affected by domestic violence,” said Kimberly Absher, Women’s Center coordinator. “It’s supposed to be a very jarring visual.”

Students are encouraged to make their own shirts with a $5 donation, and the proceeds will be donated to the Womencare Shelter.
Although the shirts displayed in Red Square were made by female-identified individuals and their children, Sasha Parsley, Women’s Center assistant coordinator, said anyone can be affected by domestic violence, including men and queer-identified individuals.

“Violence  happens no matter what gender-identity you are, “Parsley said. “Anyone can be a victim of violence and be in a violent relationship, whether it’s a heterosexual or homosexual relationship.”