AS Productions will be hosting the Hoppin' Hundred this weekend from 1 to 5 p.m. in the PAC Plaza.

The Hoppin' Hundred, organized by the AS Centennial Events Coordinator Tino Quiroga, is the first of three events that the AS will be putting on this year to commemorate the AS 100 year anniversary.

When the Associated Students formed 100 years ago this fall, surely they couldn't have imagined all of the changes the world would see in the next 100 years. Advancements such as blow up obstacle courses, portable rock walls and sound systems loud enough to fill an entire plaza with music were far from the minds of those turn-of-the-century college students. One hundred years later, however, these things are at the forefront of their 2008 counterparts in the AS Productions office.

The event will include technological advancements such as blow up obstacles courses, a rock wall, three musical guests and tables hosted by each AS office.

“I want every office to be approachable,” Quiroga said. “I want them to be out in the PAC Plaza so they are able to be seen and that they can be seen [as a resource] that can help them [the student] but also be fun. We're all under one umbrella, the tent kind of being the significance of the umbrella of the Associated Students.”

Each office will have a fun game at their tent as well as information about what their office does and how to get involved in the AS.

Music will be a central part of the event. Three bands, Yogoman Burning Band, The Lonely Forest and No-Fi Soul Rebellion will all perform and contribute to an eclectic lineup.

Quiroga stressed that he wanted both the event and the AS offices represented there to be accessible.

“A central goal that I talked about is having the Associate Students, our office, be able to go seek the students out,” Quiroga said.

“When I was a freshman it was really hard for me to come into the Associated Students. It really took me until last year, my sophomore year, towards the end to really be able to come in and say, I feel comfortable in the Associated Students and this is my association... That's the idea behind having all of the offices out there,” Quiroga said.

And what better way to make people feel comfortable than to provide food? Cake will be provided for free, courtesy of the AS, and El Capitan hot dogs and Mallard Ice Cream will be for sale.

“This is a totally different focus than a lot of other events,” Quiroga said. “We are celebrating the history of the Associated Students.”