I don’t know about you, but I have a pretty exhaustively developed written theory about stress and tension in the life of the average college student. In section IV, Paragraph 9, line 32, it reads, “general levels of stress and tension can be discovered by a brief look at shoulder elevation. Tests of an average sampling of college students reveal an alarming trend: in over 80 percent of all documented cases, the shoulders have risen to unwieldy heights, displaying such an advanced state of tension that the neck appears to have dissolved entirely.” Oh, great tension tamer in the sky, what ever should we do to RELAX?

Fear not, my backache-burdened friends. On January 26 and 27, the Campus Community Coalition has partnered with the AS Productions, Dining Services, and the Rec Center to bring you a late night program at the Underground Coffeehouse featuring massages and a live, ambient DJ spinning downtempo and lounge beats! “What could be more relaxing than massage with ambient music to go along with it, to jumpstart you studying for that big test?” said Coty Hogue, AS Underground Coffeehouse publicity coordinator.

“We are hoping to offer students more opportunities to hang out at night on campus,” said Susan Adams, the Coalition’s student activities coordinator, adding, “we are interested in reducing student’s high risk drinking.” The Coalition is working off the idea that fun, engaging on-campus events that run into the wee hours of the night offer an alternative to excessive partying, and might help to curb some of the alcohol abuse found at the downtown bar scene or off-campus parties. “We’re experimenting and testing out the theory [that late night on-campus programming] might help with our mission,” said Adams. “The idea is that we already have an Underground Coffeehouse… there is an existing structure, so why not use it?”

The massages will be offered in 15-minute sessions, each costing $7. The massage therapists are the same group of trusty healers who work at the Rec Center, where longer massages can be booked. But for these two nights, you don’t need to sign up for a massage ahead of time. Adams said, “the whole point is for people to just swing by.”

Ordinarily, the Underground Coffeehouse closes at 10 p.m. The music and massage festivities will expand the venue’s hours for these days, though, and the Coffeehouse will stay open until midnight on January 26, and 1 a.m. on January 27. Could the Underground Coffeehouse expand its hours permanently, allowing us all to relax and study into the night, sifting through our books and papers on the cozy pillows of its plush couches and chairs?

“That is my hope,” said Adams. “We’ll see if students show up.”
In addition to the music and massages, the poolroom and coffee bar will stay open, and there will be prize giveaways for things like t-shirts, cups, and free espresso drinks.

Late nights in the Underground Coffeehouse— relaxing beats, relaxing massage, and a caffeine boost to kick you rocket ship-style back into your studies, if you somehow end up debilitated by such an extreme release of tension. Don’t repress your chance to de-stress.