This summer, more outdoor movies are headed your way than ever before as both the Fairhaven Association and the Whatcom Film Association bring the public their outdoor movies series.
Whether you want to see Gene Wilder or Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka, Bruce Lee or Bruce Campbell kick some butt, or maybe just watch Napoleon Dynamite one more time, there will be a lot to see over the summer.

The Whatcom Film Association’s Traveling Pickford Show will be a two-part series, with a family series on Saturdays at the Bellingham Public Library, and a 21 and over cult film series on Thursdays at Boundary Bay Brewery and Bistro Garden. The cult movie series begins July 6, and the family series begins July 8. Both will run through late August and feature eight movies each. It is recommended that individuals donate $5 and families donate $10 to keep the Traveling Pickford Show going.

The Fairhaven Association’s Fairhaven Outdoor Cinema will be showing films on Saturdays on the Fairhaven Village Green.
The Traveling Pickford Show presented about half of their movies at the Fairhaven Village Green last summer. This year, they will move half of their shows to the Boundary Bay Brewery where they will show their cult movie series

This move opened the door for the Fairhaven Association to present more movies on the Fairhaven Village Green, increasing from seven to 10 movies.

The Fairhaven Outdoor Cinema picked movies that a broad group of ages and people can enjoy.

“We try to pick a diverse set of movies that are appropriate for all ages,” said Fairhaven Outdoor Cinema organizer and Epic Events President Doug Borneman.

Epic Events has organized the Fairhaven Outdoor Cinema for three years.

Before any of the Fairhaven Outdoor Cinema movies start, an hour of live music will be performed, Borneman said.

“We just try and pair good quality local musicians with good quality movies,” Borneman said.