The Social Issues Resource Center is located in the Associated Students Resource and Outreach Program offices on the fifth floor of the Viking Union.

   Our office’s mission is to provide students with programs and resources that raise awareness about local, regional, national and global social issues, and inspire students to be more active and engaged citizens. 

   The SIRC creates an environment, both in our office and at our events, that is non-judgmental, unbiased and safe for members of the Western community to explore social issues. 

   We also offer a library of books, DVDs, pamphlets and zines related to various social issues and a fun, inclusive environment just to hang out and chat.

   The collective goal for SIRC staff this year is to promote activism among students through art and community outreach.
Our office acts as a catalyst of awareness and activism in a wide array of social issues by empowering students with knowledge, skills and resources to effectively organize around issues of importance to them and connect with other students, clubs and community organizations.
Our office will be holding at least six events per quarter, each focused around a different social issue.

   There will also be several ongoing, interactive art projects to gather information about the types of social issues that students on campus would like to see represented by our office.

   We encourage all students to stop by the office and say hello.

   Come discover what your passion is at the SIRC.