Kirsten O'Brien/The AS Review

Photos by Joe Rudko/The AS Review

In a time when record labels are pushing artists to become the next big buzz band or release the next hit single, Bellingham-based Pink Hotel Music is offering a fresh perspective for an industry that often fosters competition instead of collaboration. After all, why do it yourself when you can do it together?

Pink Hotel Music isn’t a band, and it’s definitely not a record label. Instead it is a collection of 11 bands working together to promote shows, distribute each other’s music and connect with music fans from all over the Pacific Northwest.

“The main motivation behind PHM for me is that my friends make incredible music, and I want everyone to know,” said Teo Crider, the mastermind behind Pink Hotel Music, as well as vocalist and guitarist for Bellingham-based Candysound.

He said the idea for Pink Hotel had been tossed around for awhile, but only within the last two years has it grown significantly.

The project took off in February 2009, when Candysound played in Experience Music Project’s Sound Off! competition. Sound off! is the Seattle area’s largest all-ages battle of the bands event, and Crider used the opportunity to network with other local area bands. He approached fellow Sound Off! competitor Nikko Van Wyck of Camano Island-based A Cat From Hue, and invited the band to join his newly formed collective. They joined in April 2010, and became the first addition to the Pink Hotel roster.

One of the 11 bands that make up Pink Hotel Music, A Cat from Hue was the first to join the network of Northwest bands in April 2010.