Yo ho-ho and a bottle of rum, shake mi' livers and call it fun!
Yo ho-ho it's all for mum!

ASP Special Events present Pirate Night! featuring Jason Webley and Pirates R Us on Mother's Day, May 13, in the Viking Union Multipurpose Room at 8 p.m.

“What better way to show your mother that you love her and respect her by dressing her up and making her walk a plank,” said Gabriel Prestella, ASP Special Events coordinator. “Or bringing her in to dance a pirate jig. I can see no other way, I'm sure she'd pay for your tuition or something.”

Prizes, raffle drawings, pirate booty, and pirate jokes will fill out the evening. Prestella said things may be thrown at you if you don't show up in costume.

“I think people just want to be rowdy,” said Prestella. “Run a ruckus, go wild.”

Opening band Pirates R Us is a seven-member band comprised of David Stray Ney, otherwise known as Cap'n Crook, Kat ‘The Unsinkable” Bula, Evan Bridges, Robert Goldtooth, Ian Kerns, Wes Davis and Chris Steinbeck.

The group started when original band member Ivan Owen and Ney had joked for a long time about starting a pirate band. Ney said it was really just a silly little thing, but it became bigger than either of them had ever anticipated.

Ney said he's always liked pirates and being into mischievous things like technological piracy and was inspired by a friend of his who is an actual pirate and lives on a boat.

“The appeal is more piracy as a metaphor, not the literal ‘yay we wear lots more clothing than we need to and refer to woman as wenches,'” Bula said. “It's a lot more about, say, if people are denying you of something you need, you just take it.”

Headliner Jason Webley said he probably won't dress up as a pirate.

“I'm more excited about the Mother's Day thing than I am about the pirate theme,” said Webley. “Pirates are pretty dubious people, but the mothers I can stand behind. Everyone should bring their mother or bring a cell phone and maybe at some point we can have a mass calling to our mothers.”

Jason Webley and Pirates R Us have traveled across the country, played in festivals, and various musical street performances. Each is heavily influenced by eastern European folk music, sea shanties, and Irish music as well as a punk aesthetic. Pirate Night! marks the third time they perform together.