The average 18-25 year old takes five to seven “selfies” a day.

No we don’t, I made that up but we do take a lot of selfies. I’m definitely guilty of it and I’m sure you are too. You can spend a day on campus and you’ll most likely catch someone holding their phone in front of their face and taking a picture of themselves.

Everyone does it, but a lot of people roll their eyes at the action of taking a selfie. What is wrong with taking a selfie? Is it so wrong that I like the way I look enough to want to share it with others? In a society that teaches people to hate their image, I think not.

I am 100 percent pro-selfie and I think you should be too. If you don’t agree with me, I would like you to imagine the person you would most likely associate with the word “selfie.” I presume most of you pictured Kim Kardashian or, most likely, a teenage girl. If you associate a negative connotation with selfies, you probably associate a negative connotation with teenage girls [or Kim Kardashian].

Think about how messed up that is.

I’m not saying this is true for everyone, but I feel like the most common reason people hate selfies is because they associate it with something teenage girls do and they are such an easy target to focus your negative connotations towards. Most teen girls already struggle with self-confidence, so why not add to it? Again, this isn’t always true but I do think it’s an underlying reason for people to frown on selfies. Instead of hating on selfies, I implore you to change your view on the cultural runoff.

Selfies are not an act of self-obsession, it’s not narcissistic to take one, posting a selfie does not mean you are seeking approval. Selfies are an act of self-love, it’s empowering to take one and posting a selfie online is a perfectly okay thing to do.

You shouldn’t feel guilty when you take a selfie. You should feel proud that you feel so confident in how you look that you want to share it. You should be happy that you love yourself enough to actually enjoy looking at yourself. Next time you see someone taking a selfie, re-evaluate your disgust. I’m sure if you really look into it, you might find that you are actually jealous of the pride they have for the way they look. If you got rid of that jealousy and allowed yourself to feel proud of yourself, you might be the one taking the selfie.

Selfies are wonderful things. Remember that famous Oscar selfie? Why wouldn’t you let yourself take something as amazing as that? When it comes to selfies: don’t hate, appreciate.

Mason, out.