Between getting drenched by our twentieth day of rain in a row and reading about the mutation of avian flu in Turkey, I sat down with Nate Panelo, your AS vice president for activities, to ask him about the upcoming AS Club Extravaganza taking place at the end of the month.

AS Review: So, Mr. Panelo, what is the ACE Conference?

Nate Panelo: The Ace Conference is an opportunity for student leaders in the AS to experience leadership opportunities, to collaborate with other student leaders, and to meet the members of the AS board. It also presents itself as a chance to get away to a remote location and take a step back from everything.

ASR: For whom is the conference intended?

NP: The conference is focused on club leaders, such as the presidents and vice presidents of the various clubs; students interested in being club leaders; and other students associated with the AS, although other students interested in the leadership conference are also welcome.

ASR: What are students going to take away from the conference?

NP: We’re offering multiple workshops such as “What Kind Of Leader Are You?,” “Running Effective Programs,” and “How To Publicize.” Students and staff who are highly qualified in each area teach all of the workshops.

ASR: Boy, it sure sounds exciting. How much does it cost to attend such an exciting conference?

NP: It is $15 before January 18 and $20 after January 18. Transportation, lodging, and food are included. The cost is really a deal because the actual cost per student is about $100.

ASR: The conference is at Fort Warden, in Port Townsend. What are the facilities there like?

NP: It’s right by the peninsula and it’s beautiful. It’s also huge. The park is really big. The facilities there were recently remodeled. They have a big cafeteria that makes accommodations for both vegans and vegetarians. I’m personally excited for the food. Each student also gets their own room– which is nice– so they can bring their books and study if they need to.

ASR: What else do students interested in attending the conference need to know?

NP: Make sure that you register by January 18 to get the cheaper price. Also, there are only eighty spots available, so don’t slack off. In the event that there are more than eighty students wanting to go, preference will be given to club leaders and those associated with the AS.