I got the opportunity to sit down with KVIK Coordinator Matt Acosta. He had some lovely things to say about his program and some events that he’s excited about.

AS Review: So, Matt Acosta, tell me… what is KVIK?

Matt Acosta: KVIK is the AS television program. We started as a club three years ago. We plan our own events; we have three big ones this year. In the past, we’ve done Western live, a news program and a game show. Also, we provide coverage of campus events and sports. Recently, we’ve also been filming commercials. We provide a great way for students to get experience in television and film on campus.

ASR: How does one go about getting experience with you?

MA: Well, any student can volunteer at KVIK. It’s a great place to get experience, as well as to network. You can volunteer by e-mailing the station, calling them, coming to the office, and filling out an application.

ASR: How do you pronounce KVIK?

MA: I usually say K-V-I-K, but a lot of people say K-VIK, or “K-vic”. It’s supposed to be like all of the station names on the West Coast. They all start with ‘K,’ like KING and KOMO. But we’re not a station, we’re just a show.

ASR: You have a new show, don’t you?

MA: Yeah, “Insert Show Here.” It’s kind of a hybrid show. We wanted to keep going with original programming, more than the format of Western Live. The is an open mic show, for people who want to do the open mic thing. Also, we’re planning on showing short films and skits by those who bring them to us.

ASR: So, how do acts show up on “Insert Show Here?”

MA: We can book you, if we hear of you somehow, or you can come to the office at Viking Union 423. Also, you could e-mail us at as.kivk@wwu.edu or call us at 650-2343. Although students receive first priority, anyone from the community can submit their work. Anyone interested in submitting work should get it to us by the week prior to a show, but they should really try to get it to us as soon as possible.

ASR: Boy, I want to rush out and see it right now! When can I?

MA: The first show is being taped in front of a live audience at 8 pm in the MPR on Monday, January 23. It’s free, and we want a big crowd there, so everyone should show up. We’ll also have shows at the same time on February 6 and March 6. We’re not sure when it will be on the air because it has to be reviewed first, but I think it should be about a week afterwards.

ASR: So, what else is on the KVIK radar?

MA: We have a sitcom called “The U” coming in the spring. We’ve been planning that since last quarter. We’re asking students to submit true stories that have happened to them at WWU, as long as they’re appropriate and not too lewd. Then, we’ll choose the top twelve stories and adapt them to teleplay for the show.
It’s basically going to be a show like “Seinfeld;” we’ll focus on four characters who will have weird, incredible things happen to them and somehow end up brought back together at the end.
If students want to submit their stories, they can contact us the same way as for “Insert Show Here,” or they can mail them to us at VU 547 KVIK, 516 High Street, Bellingham, WA 98225.