Sometimes you want to go/Where everybody knows your name/and they're always glad you came.

Without fail whenever I walk into the Beaver Inn the opening lyrics for the show Cheers plays in my head. Don't get me wrong not everyone will know your name and if they do, you might have a problem. The Beaver has been located at 1315 N State St. since the 1920s, only closing for a few years during prohibition. The inside of the Beaver is dark and dim with a wooden bar and 1970s wood paneled accents making the Beaver feel like you are spending your night with friends locked up in the family den.

I especially felt like I was in my family den as my brother was tagging along with myself and some friends that night. Anyone who has siblings will agree that no matter how tight you are with your family it can still be weird hanging out with them…especially at a bar. Holidays and social visits are one thing, but having your family observe you with your guard down amongst friends can be intimidating.

Not long after pulling up our wheeled office chairs around a table sticky with spilt beer I realized that having an older brother around you at the bars is as weird as having your parents drive you and your date to a high school dance.

At least the location wasn't a problem. The Beaver was the perfect background for this night of family-friendly fun. The Beaver is currently a family-owned business that prides itself in its laid back homey atmosphere. The lack of a dance floor, the pool tables, dart boards and pinball machines also help keep it from exuding pomposity of the other bars.

My personal favorite quality of the Beaver is its hilarious staff. When my friends, brother and I went up to buy tequila shots the bartender asked us with a smirk if we needed training wheels—lime and salt. We shamefully accepted realizing his little quip exposed us as the amateur drinkers we are. This short exchange encompasses what makes the Beaver so amazing. It doesn't have a big head and it won't let you have one either. The drinks come quick and you better be waiting because no one will bring them to you. The Beaver unlike some other bars in town also provides patrons with the opportunity to relax and enjoy one another's company without the conversation being drowned out by loud pulsating music.

The Beaver also has an extensive menu that includes roasted chicken, hamburgers, fish and chips, deep fried pickles and the gloriously complimentary popcorn. Like an episode of a heart warming family sitcom I came out of my evening at the Beaver Inn with some wholesome lessons in life. Don't bring family members to the bar with you. Don't flirt with boys when your older brother is watching and most importantly—don't take salt and lime with your tequila, it's a sign of weakness.