From Western Students Against Zombies and the Campus Christian Fellowship to badminton and pickle ball, the Associated Students supports clubs in an effort to represent all forms of student initiative and expression.

If you would like to join a pre-existing club or get more information about campus and community organizations the Red Square Info Fair will take place today and Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

According to Sarah Bixler, AS Info Fair Coordinator, there will be an estimated 150 organizations in attendance consisting of AS clubs, local non-profits, and businesses. They will be giving Western students a sampling of their eclectic flavor with informational flyers, buttons, stickers, candy, condoms, Frisbees, and other freebees.

Mallard's Ice Cream should be in attendance with free samples as well as the Medieval Club, which is rumored to be performing a reenactment. The new bus passes, provided to all students taking six or more credits at Western, will also be available for pick-up at the Info Fair in a booth under the library sky bridge.

All of the clubs at the Red Square Info Fair and at Western originate from the minds of students, and yes, this means that you too can start up a club that fits your particular tastes. According to Aaron Garcia, vice president of activities, Western supports an estimated 150 student run clubs, each with equally varied goals and interests.

The process for starting a club is really simple, according to Garcia, and interested students should begin by talking to Casey Hayden, student activities director.

Also, for all you eager club-starters, an AS Club Kickoff will be at 9 a.m. Oct. 13 in the Multipurpose Room. Free breakfast and lunch will be provided, adding extra incentive.

Western will also provide most new clubs—except for religious clubs or those with limited membership—with $50 of minimum funding. So if you happen to find yourself with some free time and a desire to get a group of students together to do anything ranging from petitioning the government to singing karaoke, go ahead.

Why, you might wonder, would I want to join a club at Western?

Western sophomore Jessica Sele said that she benefits from her involvement in student clubs because she “got to see different styles of group facilitation, differing forms of activism, and hear diverse experiences.” Sele is co-coordinator of the Women's Center, a paid position in the Resource and Outreach Programs, an AS funded resource.

Sele said she became involved as a freshmen, attending clubs that fit her interests, such as Whites Confronting Privilege and Racism, and Students for a Democratic Society.

Sele said she feels that the experience which she gained through these clubs enabled her to take on a role as the Women's center co-coordinator. She also said she believes that her job is an “amazing opportunity to improve campus environment, meet people, and create community.”

According to Garcia there are approximately 250 paid student positions available within the AS, which can be applied for during spring quarter, and give students the opportunity to gain real-world job skills.

For more information on how to start a club at Western you can look at the AS website at, under the programs and clubs web-link, or contact Casey Hayden at