Condom fashion show

Condoms have never been sexier than they will be on the runway this May, as part of the crazy and fabulous outfits Western students will design, create and model to promote sex education and safe sex.

Daniel Canham, Associated Students Sexual Awareness Center assistant coordinator, said the Condom Fashion Show is a fun opportunity that involves getting to see people dress up in ridiculous outfits utilizing condoms.

The SAC will accept Condom Fashion Show designers submissions until March 30 and modeling applications until April 6, he said. The designs should be submitted to the SAC in Viking Union 518.

The main event will be held May 24.

Former SAC Assistant Coordinator Alyssa Piraino will pass out programs at this year’s show while wearing a short white dress, constructed entirely out of condoms, Canham said.

Piraino said the show is especially fun because there are no limits or guidelines about outfit designs. The designers can use any materials, spend any amount of money and make any type of clothing, she said. However, outfits must cover the private areas of the models body and remain secure throughout the show. Anyone can be a model or designer for the show, she said. No experience is necessary.

Piraino said she organized the Condom Fashion Show last year.

One of the best things about the show is that it promotes safe sex as well as sustainability, she said. All the condoms provided to the designers by the SAC are all expired and would be thrown away anyway, she said.

“It’s a lot of fun to design or model,” she said. “It’s especially fun to do both because you can make something you’re really proud of and wear it.”

Piraino wore the dress she designed to the show last year. It is the same dress she will wear as an volunteer this year.

Each year, the fashion show sponsors a different group or groups who benefit from the proceeds of the tickets, Canham said.

The past two years the show has sponsored both Planned Parenthood and the Evergreen Aids Foundation. It is unknown what groups will be sponsored this year, he said. The show functions in part as a fundraiser, but the main goal is to raise awareness about condom use and provide general education about safe sex, he said.

Canham said when he attended as an audience member the show was high energy.

“Everyone was smiling, laughing and dancing,” he said.