Robert Sarazin Blake steps out of his same room studio to help say goodbye to winter. Winter quarter that is and the final show of the Underground Coffeehouse concert series until Spring quarter.

Robert Sarazin Blake performs with opening band I Love You Avalanche on March 16 at 8 p.m. in the Underground Coffeehouse. ASP Underground Coffeehouse supports in bringing this show to Western.

Blake is a local Bellingham artist who can be classified as a folksinger with a following of college students, hippies, parents, punks: really a following all his own.

In 1997, Blake started Same Room Records, which aspires to make music of a bunch of people in the same room at the same time. Basically, all the musicians play in the same room facing each other with no dubbing or additional mixing.

“I’m of the opinion that home recording has not done necessarily done anybody some direct favors,” said Blake. “I like to go to a recording studio where they know how to record and where musicians know how to play music. I don’t know how to overdub or conceptualize music in the way. What I know how to do is sit in a room with people and make music, so that’s what we do.”

When he’s not living in a cabin 60 miles outside of Bellingham, Blake spends his time touring around the country, carrying his guitar on his back and a suitcase in his hand. Blake says that in the last three to four years he has performed about 120 shows a year.

Blake is in the midst of his the Beautiful and the Afternoon tour. His 2004 release, Still Kissing Last Night’s Smoked Stain Lips and 5th nationwide tour had Blake traveling by bus and train through places like Milwaukee and Philadelphia before a three-week tour stint in Ireland.

“This album is almost a follow-up to A Crowd of Drunken Lovers,” said Blake. “On the Beautiful and the Afternoon I’m using sort of odd song forms. The narratives are very similar of all my work-there’s definitely a story with what I’m doing, but the form is being played with.”

In all of Blake’s albums, although the concept/theme/idea may be different, his ability to capture a listener with his gruff, deep soothing vocals has remained constant. The desire to continue to listen to what Blake is singing about is met as well as the listener traveling along with Blake down that road.

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