The AS Review: What motivates you to seek out this position?

Sarah Shafer: Last year I just got really interested in event planning and I’ve always been involved in leadership on campus, and so I just decided, why not go for the AS for my senior year? So that kind of motivated me to run.

ASR: What groups of students might be easily overlooked by the AS Board, and what will you do to ensure that you represent them in your work?

Shafer: In a way, I kind of want to say that res[ident] hall—like, Res Life students are overlooked just because, like, they have Res Life there to provide programming and stuff like that, and they’re easily accessible because they’re on campus, but I feel like since they’re already involved in Res Life and stuff like that, that the AS isn’t necessarily promoting to on-campus students, they’re more working towards off-campus students in a way. So they’re kind of overlooked by the AS.

I would actually like to reach out to the hall councils. Being on a hall council myself, I really think it’s important to reach out to those students as well, so maybe going to a couple hall council meetings, letting them know who I am, how I can be reached and getting input from them.

ASR: Since you came to Western, what has been the most important issue facing students that went unaddressed or was dealt with poorly?

Shafer: I don’t know if there’s really an issue that I felt has been unaddressed, just because I haven’t necessarily been involved in the AS. I’ve mostly been a Res Life person and so I don’t really know a lot of the issues that are being addressed or have been managed well. I don’t really feel like there’s anything that happened that hasn’t been managed well or addressed.

[Most positively], probably the issue of diversity. It’s always thrown out there and there’s a bunch of clubs that you can get involved in, they always try and make sure that people are taken care of and made to feel comfortable on our campus, so I feel like the issue of diversity is big, big one on this campus, that’s positively reinforced on our campus.

ASR: What are your three biggest goals for next year?

Shafer: I would like to see more publicity for AS clubs, AS club events, AS club showcases and stuff like that. I’m definitely a big fan of publicity and making events bigger, I want more involvement from the student community and that’s also one of my goals. Another, I guess, one student I was talking to wanted to see kind of like a job finding thing—a place where they can maybe network with people in areas—or network with people from outside the community, in the Seattle community, to find a job, especially because the economy’s really poor right now, so I definitely want to try and make that one of my goals. And another one would just be to make the leadership week bigger and I guess more advertised as well, so I guess that kind of plays into publicity, but that’s about it.

ASR: When a student comes to you with a question that is beyond the scope of your job, how will you respond to this student?

Shafer: I would give them the resources that they could use to try and answer that question, which may be referring them to the president, or the VP of whatever they’re looking for, just letting them know that it’s not necessarily my forte, but that there’s resources out there for them, and kind of directing them to that.