Pop quiz time, folks!
First question: What were you doing when you were 15 years old?
If your answer was something along the lines of “I was living in Seattle, attending high school and founding an experimental thrash band with art rock sensibilities, punk rock attitude and enough vim, vigor and venom to satisfy the metal-heads and folks who just want to dance alike,” then congratulations are in order, because you’re apparently a member of Seattle’s own The Blood Brothers, who just released their sixth full length album. And if you’re changing your answer just to feel cool after reading that, well that’s just sad, man. Seek help.
Next question: Why should you care about who The Blood Brothers are?
The correct answer here is as follows: You should, nay, you will care about The Blood Brothers because they’re touring behind their latest LP, Young Machetes, just released on V2 Records, and that tour brings them up to your neck of the woods this Wednesday. The band will be rocking the fillings out of the teeth of every single person in the Viking Union Multi-Purpose Room with the raucous, no holds-barred live show that they’re in/famous for. Bared teeth gnashing and going straight for the jugular, dual vocalists Jordan Billie and Johnny Whitney establish themselves as the most dangerous tag team since the Legion of Doom, unleashing a sonic barrage punctuated by howls, screams and growls supported by a cannonade of booming drums, grinding guitars, and merciless bass lines.
Isn’t that kind of a lot of adjectives to use in just a few sentences?
Hey, hey, hey, I’m the one asking the questions here, hotshot.
For example:
Q: Is being there any compelling reason not to go to this show?
The one and only right answer here is no. No, there is no good reason not to see The Blood Brothers. They will frighten you. They will make you question everything you think you know about music. They may very well reduce you to a quivering bag of protoplasm with the sheer force of their live show. But they will demand your respect for their originality, their energy, and their showmanship. They will break you down and build you back up stronger than you were before. They will make a fan out of you, and your life will never be the same.
And the last question: Should one wear a Halloween costume when attending?
A: You’re goddamn right one should.
The Blood Brother will play at the Viking Union Multi-Purpose Room on Wednesday, October 25 with opening acts Mikaela’s Fiend and Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death. The show starts at 8 pm and tickets are $8 for Western students with ID and $14 general admission.