By Allison Milton/The AS Review

If you are walking through the halls of the Communications Facility on Thursday evening around 7:30, you are likely to hear Disney show tunes being sung in harmony with as much enthusiasm as the characters on screen themselves. Why this jolly merriment bringing back memories of the Captain Hook and Little Mermaid days of innocence and make believe? It’s WWU’s Disney Club.

Disney Club President and Western sophomore Anna Fejes conceived of the idea of starting the club when she posted a question on Viking Village asking if anyone was interested in singing Disney karaoke. The response was as grand as Cinderella’s brigade of helpful mice.

The Disney Club became an official AS club this quarter and now has about ten regulars, a few members who come every now and then and an e-mail list of about 70, Fejes said.

Many students are choosing to use Viking Village to start clubs and generate student interest on a variety of subjects. Disney Club Vice President and Western junior Cameron Meinberg said the Disney Club thread is still one of the most well-known posts on the “getting together” forum.

Fejes said she hopes the club will do more events but at this point, it’s what people want to make it.

“We grew up with Disney,” she said. “I had a group of friends who were Disney freaks like me so when I came to Western I thought why not [start a club]? It would be fun.”

Meinberg said once he saw the post on Viking Village, he signed up.  Meinberg, who loves to sing and dance, said the club is gaining momentum, getting the ball rolling and doing anything to make people aware that they exist.

Halloween was a special day for the club, as they put on their first event. It began it the lounge of Higginson, where members of the club watched “The Nightmare Before Christmas” before putting on their Disney-inspired Halloween costumes and trekking from one side of campus to the other singing Disney classics and passing out candy. Sure, they got stares, but they also got requests from students who wanted to hear the club sing a certain song.

“They think we’re childish,” Meinberg said. “[But], we enjoy it and we have a good time.”

If you are interested in joining the Disney Club, stop by their weekly meetings at 7:30 p.m. on Thursdays in CF 115 or e-mail them at