No matter how great you think you are in bed, you're never too good for a refresher course.

River Huston will return to Western to give a lecture called “Sex 101: The Greatest Sex of Your Life with Yourself or Others,” 7:30 p.m. Friday at the PAC concert hall. Tickets are $5 or free with Western ID.

Huston is a journalist, poet and performer. She tours the United States giving lectures and performances about sexuality and body image.

“She is absolutely hysterical,” Sexual Awareness Center assistant coordinator Cassie Gendlek said. “I can't express how much fun it's going to be.”

Sex 101 covers topics including safe sex, abstinence and communication with your sexual partner, as well as the effects of drugs and alcohol on decision-making.

“She will openly talk about sex,” Gendlek said. “She's inclusive to the LGBT community, and she's inclusive to people who choose abstinence as a lifestyle choice.”

One of the Sexual Awareness Center's goals is to cater not only to sexually active students, but also to students who choose abstinence, Gendlek said.

“A lot of times abstinence is seen as a religious choice,” Gendlek said. “But it's not always.”

Huston will also explain how to communicate with your sexual partner to find out how to better please each other, Gendlek said. It is also important for your safety to know about your partner's sexual past, she said.

“I personally think communication is the most important thing you can do while having sex,” Gendlek said. “Your brain is your biggest sexual organ…people should be using it when they're having sex.”

Huston's lecture two years ago at Western, “Sex, Cellulite and Large Farm Equipment,” sold out.

“I haven't heard one bad thing about her lecture,” Gendlek said. “People loved it.”