The AS Review's great pumpkin explosion.

Halloween involves a lot of cleanup, especially in Bellingham. While candy wrappers and empty cans can be tossed or recycled, the iconic Halloween pumpkin poses a more difficult disposal. Disregarded pumpkins weather away, turning once grinning faces into smelly, moldy piles of mush.

It just so happens that this natural decomposing process, known as composting, is the most environmentally friendly way of disposing of post-Halloween pumpkins.

 While many students may not have a compost pile at home, all are welcome to take their aging pumpkins to the Outback Farm, just south of the Fairhaven dorms.

“If everyone had a compost pile, it would take huge portions out of our waste stream, and then at the same time, you’re creating top quality soil for your garden,” Outback Coordinator Roby Ventres-Take said. “It’s too easy.”
 The Outback is a joint project of Fairhaven College and the Associated Students that seeks to support and educate students on sustainable agriculture and sustainable practices.

It consists of a 5 acre plot divided into many smaller gardens, including a community garden where students can maintain their own plot for free.

 “If you haven’t been there, it’s by far the best place on campus,” Ventres-Take said.

Ventres-Take said the composting process would be more efficient if the pumpkins are cut up first. According to, an online guide for do-it-yourself composting, the process can reduce yard waste that would usually be trashed by 50-75 percent.

“There’s so much waste that we produce in our society that is actually compostable,” Ventres-Take said.

To compost pumpkins through the Outback, or for more information on composting, contact the Outback at 360-650-2433 or email at

More creative pumpkin disposal solutions from your friendly AS Review staff

1) Throw it away.

2) Feed it to seagulls at Boulevard Park.

3) Cut your pumpkin in two halves.  Place in a body of water. Light aflame and push it off from the shore. Commence Viking funeral.

4) Play a (short) game of kickball.

5) Before throwing your pumpkin in the trash, create a stencil of the design so someone else can use it.

6) Fashion it into a snazzy helmet.

7) Play basketball with it.

8) Feed it to an animal (like a friendly deer).

9) Don’t do anything with it; document how many different types of mold grow on it.

10) Put it in the attic for next year.