Are you looking for a forum to express your undying love for the cinema of John Waters? Or perhaps trying to find a group of people who share your admiration for demolition techniques throughout the ages? Hell, maybe you’re just looking for somebody to watch Lost with on Wednesday nights.

The point being, if you’re interested in finding like minded individuals and sharing your love or passion for a topic, there’s a great way to get the word out:

Start an AS Club!

The process is exceedingly simple, as I will demonstrate to you , dear reader, by detailing it for you here in less than 300 words starting - now:

Step 1: Meet with an advisor

Come on down to the fourth floor of the Viking Union and meet with Lisa Rosenberg or Casey Hayden, fine folk who would love nothing more than to help you get involved on campus, and will be happy to walk you through the process.

Step 2: Find five (5) people.

It takes five initial members to get your club taken seriously by the Associated Students of Western. Find them, and have them sign...

Step 3: Your Club Registration Forms!

There are two forms too fill out, one for Recognition and the other for Registration. Once you’ve filled these out, you’ll get a date to stand before the awe inspiring hand of Justice, Truth and Right that is...

Step 4: The AS Activities Council

These folks will determine whether your little rascals meet all the criteria of AS Club-dom. To be prepared, make sure that you’re not trying to make any money or derive any personal financial gain from your club (sadly, the Buying Beer For Ian Club will never see the light of day...), that your club is open to all members of the WWU community, and that the purpose of your club is not already met by another club operating in the AS. Also, be sure you have officers and a democratic decision making process in place for your club (this last bit rang the death knell for too many incarnations of Future Tyrannical Madmen of America). And remember, you can’t charge anyone any dues or try to get academic credit for your Foosball Society of Western Washington, so don’t even try.

That’s all there is to it, folks! Get moving and find people so much like you it’s scary.

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