To spread awareness on the topic of abortion, the Associated Students Sexual Awareness Center and the AS Social Issues Resource Center will host the first “Abortion Speak Out” event at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 9, in Academic Instruction Center 203.

Staff from both offices will read submitted stories, as well as stories from books and magazines involving women who have chosen to have abortions.

“All the stories are from women who have had abortions and their experiences and emotions,” SAC Coordinator Morgan Jade said. “We are really trying to get a variety of different experiences so we don’t portray just one side [of the issue].”

While abortion is often a highly debated topic, Jade said the event is merely to educate and create awareness of the issue. It is not intended to promote any particular opinion, she said.

“We are not taking a stance on this issue,” she said.

Jade said they want people to hear about several experiences with the topic. Few people have learned about abortion from the perspective of a woman who had one, she said.

Since the focus of the event is sharing stories, there will be no question-and-answer period nor will there be time for open discussion.

The event’s purpose is to simply have everyone in attendance come away with better knowledge on the topic, she said.

Jade hopes those attending the event will listen respectfully and with open minds in order to allow a safe learning and sharing environment. Staff from the SAC and the SIRC are excited to give attendees an opportunity to listen to stories they may not often hear, she said.

“We want to reduce the stigma of [abortion],” Jade said.