It’s almost that time of year again: Spring Hiring! Western’s Associated Students is looking to hire students to fill a variety of positions. Spring Hiring occurs every year for AS jobs during the 2014-2015 school year.

Applications open March 8 and end April 9, but before you apply stop by the Viking Union Multi-purpose room on Tuesday March 4 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. to learn more information about open positions at the 2014 AS Job Fair.

The Job Fair will allow students to talk to representatives from the different offices of the AS. Students interested in applying can speak to current AS employees to get a first-hand account of the different offices and positions available.

Job positions are available in every department of the AS and according to Personnel Director Nidia Hernandez, there’s a job for anyone.

“We have openings from any department of interest, for example people who are interested in event planning or music, you can check out the department of AS Productions... If you’re more interested in the business or administration side, we have quite a few positions that work behind the scenes,” Hernandez said. “I can definitely say there is something for anyone who is interested in anything, whether it be from environmental issues to farming to politics to music.”

Hernandez urges students who are interested in applying for an AS job to utilize the Career Services Center on campus. The center specializes in assisting students with cover letters and resumes - two requirements needed for the application process. However, Hernandez stresses that cover letters and resumes will not be accepted during the Job Fair.

“We don’t take cover letters and resumes, this is more of a research opportunity for students,” she said. “If they’re interested in anything they can go up and ask the department questions about positions openings and what they’re interested in.”

The AS encourages students of all identities and backgrounds to apply. Students with all levels of job experiences are urged to apply as well. Hernandez suggests not letting job descriptions discourage one from seeking out the job.

In order to get a feel for the prospective position, Hernandez highly recommends students attend the Job Fair with an open mind.

“Some people come in thinking ‘I want to work in the Personnel office’ and they end up applying to totally a different department that they wouldn’t have known about if they didn’t attend the job fair, talk to these people, and say ‘Hey I can actually do this,’” she said.

To apply for an AS position or seek more information about different positions, visit the Job Fair on March 4 or check out