I found myself the other day viciously wrapping my poor, tired mind around the size of my bum. Now, if you know me, perhaps you’ve noticed my Nowthatsabum. Despite my years of cross country, track and soccer; even when my body fat levels dipped below 18%, I have always maintained quite the ample posterior. Since of late—ok, for the past year—I’ve gotten very out of shape—and perhaps have gained a… few pounds—my bum has settled comfortably into slightly enormous territory.

So there I was, in my small apartment room, choosing to not spend my precious time out in the glorious sun, or doing a bit of reading for a class, but rather I had my face fixed in a wrinkly little pout, and my eyes were screwed on the mirrored reflection of my backside. Oh, the horror of it, the simpering beast. It was just so infuriatingly…HAPPY to be plump. Sadly enough, I probably spent a good fifteen minutes staring at The Thing, only to be followed by a frantic hour planning out a new exercise routine.

I usually consider myself to be a fairly reasonable girl, and I generally know that the world does not revolve around my bum—despite its incredible size and therefore equally impressive gravitational pull—however, I occasionally do find myself becoming incredibly concerned with The Thing—which, as it turns out, seems to actually be pretty small in the scheme of things.

What I find is that some people—like myself on occasion—can be absolutely paralyzed by their own obsessions with themselves. I do not mean that these people are necessarily obsessed with how magnificent they are; they usually are just obsessed with their perceived “problems.” Get out your shaggy hair and single tear, cause these problems are usually the stuff of pure pop emo lyrics. I truly believe that if people were to step outside of their sorry little issues and take a more expansive look at what’s torturing them so, I’d imagine they’d find a lot more relaxation and mental peace—or at least REAL problems to worry about.

I remember once last year when I was fretting over some mini-drama involving a break up. Rather than sitting and sinking into the vast tar pits of my mind, I decided to snatch up my bike and my good buddy and head up to Galbraith.

After chugging my impressively sized bum up the mountain—ok, hill—we took a break on a rock where we were privy to the most glorious view.

It’s hard to think your problems are big when you’re looking over such an impressive expanse such as that; you really get the sense that you’re just a tiny thing in a huge and beautiful world.
If you are able to get away from your simple problems for a brief moment and have gotten a sense of how huge the world is, you may stumble on some of the issues that make the world a slightly less beautiful place.

Though you’ve been rocked by the time when your best friend kissed the boy that you had called shotgun on, you might find that other people have experienced problems that are a bit more… serious.