College is the opportune time to try out new things and experience new talents. What better place to perform than the 20th Annual QRC Drag Show!

The auditions are from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan.10 in Viking Union 462A.

The Drag Show, put on by Associated Students Queer Resource Center, is looking for about 20 student performers for the show this year. The show raises money for the Sean Humphrey House, a family care home for low-income people with HIV/AIDS, and the Evergreen AIDS Foundation, a facility for HIV/AIDS testing, prevention and education – both located in Bellingham.

The Drag Show consists of amateur drag queens and drag kings performing acts of all kinds, such as lip syncing, live singing, dancing, using props or just being fierce said QRC Coordinator Jordan Deal.

“Most of what makes drag good is just being creative and having ideas, not necessarily having a specific talent,” Deal said.

During the show, there is also a raffle for prizes that were donated from local businesses, a drag makeover auction and “I Saw You”s, which consists of someone paying for a piece of paper and writing “I am blank, I saw blank, and a message of sorts” and then will be read aloud, Deal said.

The audition process for the drag show is simple and laid back, Deal said. Those auditioning do not have to come in full drag; they just need to have an idea of what they want to do in terms of a performance.

“We try to be really open to people who have never done it before, because that’s a lot of what we have in college. People who have never done it before – [we want them to] try it out and just run with it,” Deal said.