Lindsay Meagher

Two limericks, reporting on all of that graphic, silly anti-abortion stuff:

Last year, the GAP caused depression
with illiterate acts of oppression.
Like internet SPAM
they bullied B'Ham
And it's true that they made an impression.


This year the GAP came again,
armed with their photos of pain
but somehow we won
by keeping it fun
and the whole ruckus felt like a game!

(Come back next year, and I'll sell tickets! Seriously, please come back. It was great. We just needed funnel cake and pony rides, and maybe a big swap-meet. Just a little bit more live music. Nothing too big, though. We want to keep with the spirit of the original.)

Casey Proud

I'm writing because one of the main defenses behind the GAP coming to campus is that they are entitled to "freedom of expression". Yet, Karim Ahmath was arrested for 'disorderly conduct' on February 15 when distributing anti-military recruitment literature at a Western career fair. I'd like to ask the AS where Karim's "freedom of expression" went? Furthermore, I found out that Western used to have a Porn and Popcorn-style night at Western, but it got cancelled because the Administration didn't like it! Where is the freedom of expression here? I think that Western shouldn't be able to pick and choose who gets to express their ideas.