A bus load of about 50 college students, 85 meetings with state legislators and a snowpocalypse made Viking Lobby Day a success on Jan. 15. More Western students participated in this year’s lobby day than during any previous years.

Attendees met with state legislators and presented them with this year’s AS legislative agenda, a document illustrating how limited funding for higher education has adversely affected Western.

“[Viking Lobby Day] shows legislators how committed we are to improve higher education,” said Jered McCardle, vice chair of the Student Senate and a team leader during lobby day. “It’s great to send letters and all that, but to take the time out of our personal schedules to go to Olympia and meet with legislators shows how committed we are.”

AS President Anna Ellermeier and AS Representations & Engagement Programs Associate Director Jennifer Hughes testified to the state Higher Education Committee as part of a panel composed of students, professors and presidents of Washington colleges.

Iris Maute-Gibson, AS vice president for governmental affairs, said the 2012 Viking Lobby Day was a tremendous success.

“I hope that students will continue to work with me in contacting our legislators throughout the 2012 legislative session,” she said.