As the ambrosia of spring flowers begin to fill the air, we must not forget our other favorite springtime clichá┬ęs—romance and sex. Appropriately, Western's Associated Student Sexual Awareness Center presents Intercourses: Breakfast in Bed, a sensual cooking seminar, teaching students to prepare their own aphrodisiac laden seductive affair.

The seminar will run May 10 and 17 at 7:30 p.m. and on May 12 and 19 at 3 p.m. All seminars are in VU 565, except for the May 12 seminar, which will be in VU 552.

“The theme is breakfast in bed, and it's an erotic cooking course,” said Sam Scholl, co-coordinator of the Sexual Awareness Center. “We're going to talk about aphrodisiacs and why they're aphrodisiacs, which is generally because they look like genitalia, or because they taste good, or mask your breath.

Ah, aphrodisiacs. So what if history and science have exposed the placebo effect of aphrodisiacs? Who could honestly say no to the sensual consumption of chocolates, strawberries, slippery oysters or artichoke hearts, all in the name of love and sex?

“A lot of them [aphrodisiacs] look like phalluses or vaginas,” Scholl said. “Like figs, you break them open and you eat them, it looks like you're eating somebody out.”

Apparently, the temptations are too hard to resist for Western students. Last year, the Sexual Awareness Center had to turn away between three and five hundred sensually hungry students who did not make reservations in time for the event. This year, the number of seminars available to students has doubled, and four Breakfast in Bed classes will be presented instead of last year's two. But, students need to make reservations in advance, admission is $5 dollars and each class only has room for 50 people.

Breakfast in Bed will focus on easy to make, affordable cuisine. Among the prepared foods demonstrated and available for sampling at the event will be chocolate croissants, French toast, raspberry syrup, an artichoke heart, basil and garlic omelet, chocolate-covered strawberries and non-alcoholic mimosas. Students will be taught how to make each dish, and in turn will be able to sample them. Also, several sensual eating games will take place; there will be sexy strawberry eating, banana deep-throating and taste-testing contests. Also, attendees will receive an aphrodisiac cookbook, which has been assembled from over 20 resources by Scholl, Alanna Tritt, the Sexual Awareness Center's other coordinator, and volunteers.

“It's also a really good way for people who want to be sexy without having sex,” Tritt said of the event. “It's a way of sharing something with someone you love or really care about . . . or maybe just someone you're interested in.”

Though the Sexual Awareness Center is active all year, hosting speakers, promoting safe sex practices and providing resources and information for curious students, Breakfast in Bed deviates from their normal programs and allows for simple pure appreciation of eroticism and sensuality.

“We do a lot of events pertaining to sexual health, sexual well-being and sexual rights. But sometimes we lose the idea that sex is also fun . . . we want to enrich peoples' sex lives,” Scholl said on choosing to repeat the event this year. “Food is fun. And sex is fun. And the combination of the two can often be fun.”

Students interested in the event may make reservations by emailing as.rop.sac@edu, calling 650-6117, or filling out a reservation card at the fifth or sixth floor information desks in the Viking Union.