Starting in the PAC Plaza and making its way up Highland Drive and through downtown, the Take Back the Night march will grace Western's campus once again Wednesday, April 9, in an effort to empower and unify women.

This year's event will include a night of testimony, 6 p.m. April 8 in VU 565, and a rally, march and concert.

Directly preceding this year's march is keynote speaker Ingra Muscio, at 7 p.m. in the PAC Concert Hall. Muscio, author of the book “CUNT,” is famous for being a very empowering and inspiring speaker, relating things to her own life and experience, instead of simply stating theory, showing women how they can create tangible changes, Women's Center co-coordinator Jessica Sele said.

Recently there have been several local incidents of women being victimized around campus and in the greater Bellingham community.

“The news coverage in Bellingham might inspire some people to get involved where they haven't normally thought it's an issue,” Sele said.

This event is for female identified individuals. Yet, while the women march men are encouraged to take part in the rally and the candlelight vigil. Western Men Against Violence put on the vigil in the PAC plaza every year to discuss their role in empowering women and themselves in the feminist movement.

The reason for the women only march is to give women a chance to reclaim their agency in places where they haven't felt safe, Sele said.

After the march Cat Power with openers Appaloosa will play at 10 p.m. in the PAC Main Stage, tickets are available at the PAC Box Office, 360.650.6146 or