By Alex Bacon/The AS Review

As fall quarter winds down and winter quarter registration looms ahead, some students might wonder where or how to register.

“Preparation is 98 percent of the battle,” Assistant Registrar David Brunnemer said.

His preparation suggestions are:

1. Go to Web4U and become comfortable with the site.

2. A day or so before registration starts, check for holds.  Some holds don’t appear until the day before registration begins.

3. Have a plan and have backups.  He suggests having five or six backup plans, especially for freshmen, and building mock schedules in Classfinder. Also, recording the schedules and Course Registration Numbers (CRN) on paper can be helpful.

4. Be aware of course restrictions and prerequisites for classes. This type of information can be found on Classfinder.

5. Students should look at a GUR guide and, if they have a major in mind, they should find out what kind of prerequisites the major has and consider them when making mock schedules.

According to Kathie Loftin, office support supervisor in the Registrar’s Office, the steps to register are:

1. Log into Web4U

2. Click “Student”

3. Click “Registration”

4. There are two options for actual registration.

a. Click “Add/Drop Classes,” choose the quarter you are registering for, type in the CRNs in the boxes at the bottom of the page and press submit.
b. Click “Look-up Classes to Add,” search for classes to add, check the boxes of desired classes and press submit.

5. Return to “Registration” and click “Student Detail Schedule” to make sure the registration went through correctly.

Some issues Brunnemer and Loftin said are common are:

1. “Link Error” means there’s a lecture and a lab or discussion group that needs to be registered for simultaneously and it is missing.

2. “Class Restriction” happens when a class is junior or senior restricted and the person registering doesn’t have junior or senior status.

3. “Prerequisite Error” or “Test Error” happens when prerequisite classes or test scores haven’t been met.

4. Another common problem is when someone tries to register for an “override only” class without an override. If a class requires an override or is closed, contact the instructor, not the registrar.  Only the instructor can grant overrides.  Once someone is granted an override, they still need to register, as the override is permission to register, not automatic registration.

Another tool for deciding what classes to take and checking the status of GUR requirements is the Online Degree Evaluation.  According to Degree Evaluation Specialist Carolyn Swinburne, the Online Degree Evaluation shows a student’s progress in satisfying GURs and major requirements.

Students can run a “What-if Analysis” if they haven’t declared a major to see what they’ve accomplished towards possible majors.  If a student has declared a major, the Online Degree Evaluation can show them what’s still left to be done.

The online Degree Evaluation isn’t supposed to replace advisors but is something that can be an important advising tool, said Swinburne.

The Online Degree Evaluation can be found in Web4U in the “Student” tab under “Student Records.”  For students with declared majors, choose “Generate New Evaluation.”  Students without declared majors should select “What-if Analysis.”