Trivia nights are popping up all over the place, both in Bellingham and statewide. The popular competitive activity is hosted in restaurants, bars and other social settings. They usually cost a dollar or two and can result in cash prizes. But what makes trivia so enticing?

A lot of people enjoy themed trivia, said Carly Roberts, Underground Coffeehouse coordinator. Starting spring quarter, the coffeehouse will host themed trivia nights every week, she said.

“Our most attended trivia night to date was the Harry Potter-themed night,” she said. “About 300 people attended, which is twice the capacity for the Underground Coffeehouse, so we had to do some quick thinking and move half of the group up to another room in the VU and ask the questions simultaneously.”

The trivia night at Uisce Irish Pub in downtown Bellingham is popular among college students who are 21 and older, as well as community members of all ages. It is the only year-round weekly trivia event in a Bellingham bar. Some people go for the free pretzels and mustard, others go to be social—but some groups go to win.

Teams can have no more than six people and must have a name.

Teams sometimes have creative names, such as “People Without Mustaches” or “Uiscebibl,” and write their 15 answers on the answer sheet for each round and hope for the best.

iPhones and other cellular and computer devices are discouraged. People are expected to be honest and not cheat.

Uisce trivia nights feature movie, music and other themes. When the theme of the night is general trivia, questions focus on arts, entertainment, sports, pop-culture, politics and current events.

Underground Coffeehouse trivia was designed to provide an option for students younger than 21, Roberts said.
“We saw a gap in accessibility to trivia nights for underage students,” she said. “Trivia nights in the Underground provide an age-inclusive space for students and community members to participate in this activity.”

Trivia night options

Boundary Bay Brewery and Bistrohosts trivia nights in the beer garden every day during the summer for $1. The winners keep the money as a prize.

The Shakedown will be hosting a one-time trivia night on Feb. 16.