By Shannon Hutchinson/ AS Board President

The very first AS Board of Directors’ column was published September 26, 2005. Twenty-eight issues later, I present you with my final one. I began with big aspirations and hopes for the year; above all I wanted to go through the year with unquestionable honesty and accountability to each reader, whether student, staff, faculty or community member.

I leave it to you to determine whether I achieved my goal.
The magnitude of how much serving as your AS President affects me is evident by my realization that I will really miss writing to you in the future. Not being sure who reads this, I have done my best to keep it light and informational.

I hope our 2006-07 AS President continues this opportunity to communicate the Board of Directors’ business to students, because it sparks dialogue and informs you.

At the May 24 Board of Director’s meeting, we passed a Senate resolution to support the AS’ involvement in work towards a structured student leadership development program and/or center. The committee involved in organizing the project is taking work slowly and decisively, to make sure things are done right the first time.

The ESC’s proposal for a $3-to-$1 matching donation for their endowed scholarships passed unanimously. Fundraising will occur through the end of the 2008 budget cycle, so please be on the look out for their fundraising events. Supporting the project through your donation of any amount means that their four scholarships are one step closer to reaching the minimum requirement level of $20,000 each. Only then can the ESC begin awarding scholarships to deserving Western students.

A motion to replace the AS motor pool vans also passed. The new AS President will work with AS advisers to purchase new vehicles over the summer.

Our two information items were the presentation of the 2006-07 AS budgets, and a proposal to pay the AS Election Board Chair an additional $100 for his work during the special elections.

Both items will be voted on during our last meeting of the year on May 31, if you would like to know about the outcome, please attend the meeting, because the AS Review isn’t published during finals’ week. The meeting is at 5 p.m. in Viking Union 567.

Very critical people to me during my term as AS President who I would like to thank include:

*The 2005-06 AS Board of Directors (N-dizzle, Pete, Sensei, Nana, Iozzi, and Marcella) for their friendship and the passionate leadership each showed while working this year

*Each Ethnic Student Center member, particularly my FASA family, for exemplifying student activists who support one another and catalyze each other’s success. You gave me a place to always feel at home and re-center. I love you so much!

*My advisers Dr. Eileen Coughlin, Kevin Majkut, Ted Pratt, and Jim Schuster (also known as Dr. C, K-Maj, Ted and Schust) for tirelessly supporting me with a welcoming manner, depth of knowledge, wise mentoring and humor

*WWU staff and administrators who exemplified the student-centered spirit of our university when treating my input and general presence, on committees like the mission and strategic planning task force, as equal with everyone else’s; I know that is not the case at all universities.

That is all there is! Thank you for all you contributed to our university this year, and I hope you do extremely awesome on your finals. If you are graduating, yeah for the class of 2006! If you are returning next year, keep being an example of what makes Western Washington University the greatest university in Washington State!