Election season can be a headache. Amidst all the campaigning and mudslinging, it's easy to become jaded and succumb to apathy. Here at The AS Review, we believe choosing a leader should be fun. That's why we're asking you to answer the age-old question: If you were on a spaceship, who would be your captain?

Commander William Adama
Ship: Battlestar Galactica
Memorable quote: “This is my ship.”
Best quality: Not afraid to admit he's made a mistake
Worst flaw: Always has to remind you that this is his ship

Everything about Adama's demeanor lets you know he's in charge. He wears glasses, which means he's smart. His scarred face shows that he has years of experience. His deep, raspy voice lets you know he's calm, collected and in control.

Adama is a man of few words. Yet he always makes those words count, and he never has to raise his voice to make his point. When Adm. Cain decided to execute two of Adama's crew members, the commander sent fighters in to rescue them. All he had to say was, “I'm getting my men,” and you knew he meant business.

Sure, the old man's made a mistake or two in a moment of anger, but he's not too stubborn to correct those mistakes. When members of the fleet splintered off and went to the planet Kobol to look for the “Tomb of Athena,” Adama's first move was to storm off in a huff and leave them behind. Later, though, he listened to the worries of his crew and decided to return for the others.

Adama is a leader who takes his crew's feelings into consideration, but don't mess with him. This guy has killed a Cylon with his bare hands. He's taken two bullets to the chest and survived. Bottom line: Adama is brutal.

Captain Malcolm Reynolds
Ship: Serenity
Memorable quote: “Next time you decide to stab me in the back, have the guts to do it to my face.”
Best quality: Good sense of humor
Worst flaw: Will probably hurt your feelings

It's the distant future. Laser guns are shaped like six-shooters, everybody eats with chopsticks, and the universe is simply called “The ‘Verse.”

Capt. Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds is a smuggler in charge of a ridiculously motley crew: a priest, a prostitute, a pilot, a mercenary, an engineer, two fugitives and a soldier. They live together on a tiny little spaceship, and they have conflicting goals and interests.

Despite their differences, Mal's management style keeps the crew members on good terms with each other. They all sit down at a table and eat dinner together like a family, which is cute. Mal is more the wisecracking renegade than the stern authoritarian, but he is also careful and calculating, and he knows how to handle an unruly crewmember. When Jayne betrayed the crew and tried to turn River and Simon in to the Alliance for a reward, Mal knocked him out with a wrench and almost jettisoned him out of the ship, just to show him who's boss. After that, Jayne bought a crate of apples for the whole crew. It was a win/win situation for everyone.

Mal may not be the most charming, diplomatic or friendly captain you'll ever have, but he'll stick his neck out for you, even if he doesn't like you that much. He challenged a guy to a sword fight to defend Inara's honor. He's rescued Simon and River from the Alliance countless times. If you're a member of Mal's crew, you know he won't lose you without a fight.

Captain Kathryn Janeway
Ship: USS Voyager
Memorable quote: “Ever since my first day on the job as a starfleet captain, I swore I'd never let myself get caught in one of these godforsaken paradoxes. The past is the future, the future is the past. It all gives me a headache.”
Best quality: Sticks to her guns
Worst flaw: Breaks the rules

I know there are at least two or three trekkies wondering why I went with Janeway instead of Kirk or Picard. The fact is her mission had a greater sense of urgency. Your true character really shows when you're 75,000 light years away from Earth.

Janeway had to make some tough calls after her ship was swept into the Delta quadrant. She made an ex-convict the pilot of her ship. She integrated a group of rebels into her crew. She even destroyed a device that could have gotten her ship back home in order to stop the aggressive Kazons from using it to reach Earth.

Janeway trusts her gut, even when her decisions might be unpopular. It's a bold move to integrate a Borg into the crew, but Janeway did it with good results. In the end, she got her crew home in seven seasons instead of 75 years.

Admiral Ackbar
Ship: Home One
Memorable quote: “It's a trap!”
Best quality: Wary of traps
Worst flaw: Probably smells like fish

When your eyes are on the sides of your head, you know everything that goes on aboard your ship. Ackbar is a leader with a sensible, fish-like head on his shoulders. He knows how much firepower his cruisers can repel, but he also knows that toughing it out for a few more seconds can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Furthermore, even when things start to look up during battle, Ackbar doesn't start celebrating right away. When the A-wing crashes into the Super Star Destroyer and sends it colliding with the Death Star, the admiral calmly savors the moment, then continues his offensive.