Compiled by Alex Bacon/The AS Review

Since the AS Review isn’t published over the summer, we thought we’d give you some ideas of other quality things to read. Here are our suggestions.

Allison Milton, Events Editor Crazy texts people send each other from all over the country. More often than not, they are hilarious and will make you LOL. A blog about everything random, from “How To Make Your Own Tattoo Gun Using An Electric Toothbrush!”  to pictures about the most creative post-it note prank ever. Dogs are adorable. Pictures of hipster dogs ... you do the math.

Evan Marczynski, Writer A news blog that was one of the first to start embedding video clips from various television news shows and other sources. A wiki site written by Wookies for Wookies and written completely in native Wookie language! One of last week’s featured articles was titled “Rrauouuu,” and started with the sentence: Vvoaoa roouwaoa vauawioaauuua. I think you can see where this goes. Hilariously over-the-top, rabid, right-wing wiki site created by people who think that Wikipedia is too darned liberal.

Anna Ellermeier, Editor in Chief Most of National Public Radio’s programs can be streamed from their website. My favorites include “All Songs Considered” and “Wait, Wait! … Don’t Tell Me!”
New York Times ( After Deadline Blog: A great site for any editor or grammarphile, After Deadline is dedicated to examining the finer points of the grammar and style used in the New York Times. They have weekly quizzes as well, but if you take them, I wouldn’t suggest that you admit it publicly. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything. Updated every Monday, this site is my favorite place to find out about on-campus events and student issues. Also, I hear that the editor is awesome.

Shawna Leader, Assistant Editor A wonderful food blog that is updated often. It has beautiful photography, great writing and a huge variety of recipes for any taste. David Lebovitz lives in Paris, writes cookbooks, travels through Europe dining on local delicacies and best of all, blogs so we can read all about it. This site is packed with photos, history, videos and so much more.

Alex Bacon, Writer This is a blog full of photos of things, such as birds, dogs and robots, following cats that may or may not appear to be angry. Girls With Slingshots is a web comic about two girls, their friends, a bar and a talking cactus.  It’s hilarious and cheeky, but it also addresses misconceptions and issues people face today.  This blog archives stories from behind the counter: strange phone calls, difficult customers and other oddities that happen in the workplace. Warning: DO NOT look at this website if you have to study for anything or need to be anywhere in the next few hours.  This website is actually just a portal to everything else on the Internet.  I warned you.

Matt Crowley, Writer This music site can be a little pretentious with their reviews and I don’t quite understand all of the scores they give, but their writers are very talented, they do a good job of covering a variety of genres and they have loads of multimedia. This music/blog aggregator collects songs from various music blogs and streams them through its site, allowing users to view thousands and thousands of songs from several different sources. Hypemachine allows me to find remixes and songs I might otherwise not have heard. Metacritic is a score aggregator that collects and averages reviews on TV shows, movies, games and music. It allows you to get multiple opinions on something before you buy or watch it without having to go to a bunch of individual websites.

Daniel Berman, Lead Photographer  Witty, informative and well-written, is online journalism done right. The website writes about news, culture, politics and the world with flair and creativity.  Ever wanted to learn how to use lighting in your photography? walks you through, step-by-step, how magazine and newspaper photos were created. They emphasize do-it-yourself techniques and working with the gear you already have.  Some of the most beautiful and interesting multimedia and videos from globe-trotting journalists.