Photos by Daniel Berman/The AS Review

Story by Lindsay Kucera/The AS Review

Considered to be one of Bellingham’s most haunted sites, Bayview Cemetery is certainly a foreboding place. Established in 1887 by the town of Whatcom, the cemetery today is over 230 acres and contains a lot of history, both pleasant and unpleasant.

For the amateur ghost-hunters among us, the major sights to see at Bayview Cemetery include the large angel statue nicknamed “Angel Eyes.” The statue, erected in 1910, is the final resting place of William H. Bland and his two wives. The statue was apparently built for Bland’s first wife, who died from tuberculosis.

However, many people have claimed to have seen apparitions around “Angel Eyes,” and that blood (ahem, red paint) has been reported streaming from the angel’s eyes around the full moon.

The other infamous monument, known as “The Deathbed,” is actually the tomb of Edmond L. Gaudette, who died of a stroke in 1916. The Deathbed resembles a small-scale Parthenon. The other half of the tomb remains empty. The site was supposed to be for Gaudette’s wife Laura, but her body was buried elsewhere due to a legal battle after her death. Local legend holds that if one lies on top of the empty site, you doom yourself to a premature demise.

Regardless of whether or not Bayview Cemetery is actually haunted, we do know one thing: it’s still wickedly creepy after dark.

Other haunted sites are said to include the Mount Baker Theater, The Old Town Café, and the mansion on South Hill. Feeling adventurous? Daring? Maybe you should check these places out.