Contestant number two what would you say is your best feature? Okay. Tell me contestant number three if you were to win me over, what would you do to the other contestants to prove yourself? Are these the type of questions that sound appealing for a future rendezvous of two? The LGBTA hosts the annual Queer Dating Game on November 2 in the Fairhaven auditorium from 7-9 p.m. They’re ready to get the questions started, and you hooked up. Winter is around the corner after all.

Even if the person of your dreams is not sitting on the other side of the wall, who knows, it could be a great friendship in the making. Last year, LGBTA coordinator Kristin Ericson participated in the event as the questioner and now is best friends with her one time date. It’s also two hours of pure fun and entertainment.

“I picked a girl named Arielle, who ended up being my best friend and she’s my roommate right now. I never would have met her if I hadn’t done the game,” said Ericson. “It’s kind of strange that one of my best friends I met through the game, and I wasn’t really expecting something like that to happen.”

Based on the original Dating Game, the Queer Dating Game is essentially a spin-off spoof set up in the same fashion with three people who answer the questions and one who is in the power seat of interrogation. In the past the LGBTA hosted a few of these dating games throughout the school year, but they are trying to change it to an annual event for fall quarter. There is a possibility another one could be held at some point in the spring, but the LGBTA has plenty of other events they’re planning as well.

“Spring is different because it’s the end of the year and people are really looking forward to being done and there is that last push,” said Kyle Fowler, assistant coordinator of the LGBTA. “But, in fall many people are new and they’re back and it’s more refreshing. There’s the whole rest of the school year too.”

So what happens after two people are set up or find each other? Well, there are local businesses who donate prizes for the romantic hopefuls: free ice cream, free coffee, movie passes, and other possible fun date outings.

Intrigued yet? The LGBTA is still taking panelists, so with a few days to spare until the extravaganza, now is the time to act. It could be the last chance to partake in this modern rendition of the classic game until next year.

“I would encourage anyone who is interested or think it sounds fun to just give it a shot, even if they’re shy or on the fence, it’s a great time,” says Fowler. “It’s free and it’s just a blast.”

If you are interested in participating in this event or any other upcoming activities visit the LGBTA office in the Viking Union room 515. Future and continuing events include the 80s Homocoming dance, Wednesday night series, a hodgepodge of events and activities, and the Drag Show.