Something big has sprung from the loins of the AS Publicity Center. Something bold, something sexy, something potentially…informative?

Though you are clearly a fanatical, cover-to-cover reader of the AS Review, you now have a new way of finding out what events are happening on campus. Phil Ashlock, web programmer for the AS Publicity Center, has been working night and day to give you a brand new, stunningly gorgeous Associated Students website. The new design unlocks many aspects of the AS that the previous Web site had hidden under piles of odd links and a funky design.
With the previous, four year old Web site, “to get useful information, you used to have to wade through a lot of disorganized mess,” said Ashlock. “For example, four to five steps were required to get to the site of an AS club or organization.”

In my privileged pre-screening of the Web site, I was very impressed by the clear content and snazzy layout. Though the focus of the site remains on showing the master AS events calendar, there is “a little piece of each part of the AS on the front page,” according to Ashlock.

Publicizing the great variety of AS organizations and functions of the AS is one of the primary objectives of the updated Web site. “I want there to be exposure to the whole gamut of what the AS offers,” said Ashlock.

Last year, there was an overwhelming feeling of disconnectedness between the AS organizations according to Ashlock. As he works in the AS Publicity center, Ashlock has access to all of the announcements from the organizations and clubs, so that he can hopefully get word out about all of the AS sponsored events.

Though webmaster Ashlock may be a formidable man, he assured me that he is “not a dictator or totalitarian.” Coordinators or employees of the AS have the ability to log into the Web site and add their event to the calendar. “[The Web site] is not static, but rather dynamic, as it involves the input of a very diverse group of people.”

My personal favorite feature is still yet to come. Very soon, KUGS will be offering a webcast on their Web site and will post a link on the new AS Web site. Also soon to be included in the KUGS site, viewers can see various playlists.

As an avid reader of the AS Review, you will be glad to note that you will soon be able to access our issues online. Also, the process of contacting the AS Review staff with questions, comments or suggestions for stories is even more quick and painless. For example, my friend Alex-- who was insulted by my article last week that linked the social knowledge of home schoolers and people who are clinically brain dead-- will be able to jet a snappy note off to my editor alerting him of my terrible indiscretions.

“Sexiness is a perfect union of form and function,” Ashlock told me frankly. If this is anything close to your version of the definition of sexy, then you are sure to be intrigued by the new, sultry AS Web site. Check it out at Also, be sure to check out the new ROP site that will be accompanying the AS Website launch.