The Associated Students Disability Outreach Center and the AS Social Issues Resource Center are teaming up to host the 3rd Annual Costume Ball.

The event is on Friday, Oct. 26 from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. in the Viking Union Multi-Purpose Room. Tickets are $3 for Western students and $4 for general admission and are available in advance at the PAC Box Office.

Catherine Jorgensen, the Coordinator of the DOC, has attended the event for the past two years, but this year is enjoying her role in organizing the dance.

“I’m excited to see students have that first experience of going to the Costume Ball,” Jorgensen said. “I remember very fondly my freshman year going to the dance.”

The dance will be catered by University Dining Services and will feature Audio Innovations as the DJ. Costumes are encouraged, but not required. Jorgensen said she believes the dance offers a fun and safe way to celebrate Halloween, especially for underclassmen.

“It’s particularly open to freshman because it’s on campus, it’s cheap and they can have their friends from other schools come,” Jorgensen said. Because the dance is hosted by the DOC, Jorgensen said she is making sure it as accessible as possible.
“An important aspect to this dance is that we’re mindful of being very inclusive,” Jorgensen explained. “We’ve talked with the DJ about putting a speaker on the ground to make sure that you can feel the vibrations.”

The dance is also tied to an event hosted by the Social Issues Resource Center and the AS Women’s Center called Cultural Appropriation,Exotification, and Sexualize Violence during Halloween, which will be held in Vendor’s Row from 12-4 p.m. on Oct. 24-26.

“It’s talking about what kind of costumes you are putting on your body and what they represent” Jorgensen said. “We definitely want to incorporate that with the Costume Ball, just making sure you’re representing yourself well in the costume that you’re choosing.”

Jorgensen encouraged anyone interested in volunteering to help decorate for the dance to contact the DOC at