The AS is a big organization, which means it can get confusing at times. To help you navigate your way through all the resources, events and other opportunities, use this overview of the AS as a guide.

The Outdoor Center provides outdoor equipment rentals, including camping gear, bikes and kayaks. The Bike Shop, which debuted last year, offers affordable bike services (for example, bike tools are available for $2). Excursions such as snowshoeing, camping and rock climbing led by experienced OC staff members give students the opportunity to experience the outdoors throughout the year. Viking Union 150

Located on campus and at Lakewood, E.D.G.E. (Encouraging the Development of Groups through Experience) is a program for Western clubs and any other interested students or teams in need of training for leadership and additional group skills. It includes the E.D.G.E .ropes course, located at Lakewood, which is open to all Western students, faculty and staff. Viking Union 150

Aspiring student actors, writers and directors should go to KVIK Television. KVIK provides opportunities to get involved with original productions and promotions. It offers opportunities to gain experience in writing and production in the television industry, with high-quality equipment available. KVIK also manages several ongoing and new shows. Internships, volunteer opportunities and work-study positions are available. All levels of experience are welcome. Viking Union 423

Celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, KUGS is a student-run radio station. Located on the dial at 89.3 FM, KUGS broadcasts a variety of programs including music, talk shows and public service announcements. Plus, the station offers opportunities for students to volunteer as news readers. Shows running Monday through Friday include Music for the Masses (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.), specialty shows and news broadcasts (including Democracy Now!). So sit back, enjoy the music and perhaps try your hand in radio. “Radio, at its best, can emphasize the connections in the community and the power of localism,” said Sam Parker, News and Public Affairs Director. Viking Union 700
The Ethnic Student Center is a support network for students to meet new people, identify with their culture, and experience their culture and other cultures through guest speakers and large cultural events. It is the home of the African Caribbean Club, Black Student Union, Brown Pride, Filipino American Student Association, Latino Student Union, Hui O' Hawai'i, Mixed Identity Student Organization, Native American Student Union, South Asian Student Union, and El Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano/a de Aztlá┬ín and Vietnamese Student Association. Every year, the ESC hosts a conference; this year's theme is “Shift Your Perspective” and it takes place Oct. 17-19. “[The ESC is] not just for students of color, but for the whole Western Community to gain perspectives on different cultures,” Michael Vendiola, Coordinator, said. Viking Union 420

Washington Student Lobby is a non-profit group that sends a Legislative Liaison to the state capitol in Olympia to participate in state government by bringing attention to Western's needs. The current Legislative Liaison, Morgan Holmgren, will travel to Olympia with representatives from nine other public universities to lobby for Western's educational interests. WSL is also involved with voter outreach and registration. Viking Union 520


Pop Music
Pop Music is one of the main reasons that amazing bands come to Western. A lineup of excellent shows is already slated for this year. Past acts have included big-name bands such as Nirvana and Modest Mouse, plus lesser-known bands and performers. There's something for everyone, and students are encouraged to stop by the office with requests for bands to play at Western. Viking Union 422

Given that films in the multiplex will put you back $10, seeing a movie for fifty cents to $2 is a great deal. That's what ASP Films has for you: weekly movies priced no more than $2. A majority of the movies shown are new releases, with a few classics thrown in. Information is posted on their Web page linked on the AS Web site (, on the events calendar in the Viking Union and posted all over campus. Viking Union 422

Special Events
Anything goes for ASP Special Events: past programming has included a turntable smackdown, a pro-wrestling/rock ‘n' roll show and a hydraulic car show. The sheer randomness adds fun and creativity to this unique office. Any ideas and recommendations are welcome. Viking Union 422

Civil Controversy
ASP Civil Controversy is a lecture series intended to educate and inform students about social issues. Past speakers have included the celebrated scholar Dr. Manning Marable, slam poet Saul Williams and sociologist Michael Kimmel. Viking Union 422

Viking Union Gallery
Student-curated and with a local focus, the Viking Union Gallery showcases works by Western and Bellingham artists. Exhibits rotate throughout the year, so be sure to stop by often to see the art. Viking Union 507

The Underground Coffeehouse
Looking for a place to relax, hear good music, eat delicious food and sit on comfy couches? Can you believe this all can be found in one place? It's the Underground Coffeehouse, located on the third floor of the Viking Union. Open mic night and the Underground Coffeehouse Concert Series provide the music, the vintage couches and windows opening to a view of the bay provide atmosphere and the selection of sandwiches, pastries and Tony's coffee completes the picture of the perfect coffeehouse. Viking Union Third Floor


Drug Information Center
If you have questions about drugs or are concerned about substance abuse, the Drug Information Center can help. A library of resources, yearly events and speakers provide students with accurate information and support regardless of their choice to use or abstain. Interactions are intended to be unbiased and all information is up-to-date. In addition, students can inform themselves of their rights concerning illegal substances. Viking Union 517

Environmental Center
Looking for ways to reduce your environmental impact? Learn how at the Environmental Center, the newest office in the ROP. The Environmental Center provides advice about on-campus environmental clubs and methods for reducing, reusing and recycling, plus other eco-friendly options. The Environmental Center can also connect students to other organizations such as the Office of Sustainability, the Recycle Center and LEAD (Learning, Environment, Action, Discovery). Viking Union 424

Legal Information Center
Working with the philosophy that everyone deserves to know their legal rights, the Legal Information Center provides information concerning all legal questions and interests. While they cannot give out legal advice, an extensive library plus yearly on-campus events are available to educate students about their rights. Additionally, the Legal Information Center can refer students to other community resources. The Legal Information Center also offers information about law schools and free practice Law School Admission Tests. Viking Union 528

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Alliance (LGBTA)
This office assists Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders. All students are welcome to ask questions, use the office as a safe space to express themselves, and get involved with on-campus and community events surrounding LGBT issues. The LGBTA also offers jobs, work-study and volunteer positions. Books are available, as well as a referral service to other organizations on and off campus. The LGBTA puts on several events throughout the year, including the annual HIV/AIDS charity drag show (co-sponsored by the Sexual Awareness Center) and Pride Month in May. Viking Union 505

Sexual Awareness Center
The Sexual Awareness Center offers resources on topics ranging from sexuality, sex issues and STD testing, plus free safe-sex supplies such as condoms. Yearly programs and events create an open dialogue where students can voice their beliefs about sexuality and hear others' experiences. Above all, the SAC seeks to create a safe space where students can benefit from unbiased, informative and confidential peer-to peer conversations. Viking Union 518

Social Issues Research Center
The Social Issues Research Center connects students with their community and university through volunteering, anti-oppression training, anti-privilege training and activist training. It also offers a wide selection of books for students seeking to learn more about social activism. Students are welcome to stop by the office with ideas and projects for the school and community that SIRC can help make a reality. Viking Union 512

Veterans Outreach Center
Staffed by student veterans, the Veteran's Outreach Center offers references to community and campus resources and information about veteran's benefits, employment and activities, plus peer advising. The VOC also provides work-study and volunteer opportunities. Viking Union 530

Women's Center
The Women's Center provides a resource library, which students can use to educate themselves, research for classes or read for fun, connections to community events and programs and general information about women's issues. Each year, the WC publishes Labyrinth, a journal featuring photography, poetry and prose. The WC puts on events and brings speakers to campus. Dropping in, asking questions or seeking advice is welcome! Viking Union 514

It may seem obvious what the AS Bookstore does for students, but the story behind the textbooks and school supplies sets it apart from other college bookstores. The AS Bookstore has a revenue-sharing agreement with the AS, meaning AS organizations receive approximately $45,000 from the Bookstore per year. The choice to buy textbooks at the AS Bookstore helps fund the AS and its programs. The Bookstore offers a 10 percent discount on textbooks, which is the lowest price compared to 87 percent of other stores across the nation. Art and school supplies are assigned the lowest price possible. There is a large selection of used books, and textbooks can also be reserved online for greater convenience. Moreover, the Bookstore is located on main campus: all you need is in one place.

The Publicity Center strives to provide high quality and personalized promotional services, products and support to the students of WWU. Publicity services, promotional materials, graphic design and other public relations resources are available. The PC is open from 10-4 Monday through Friday. The AS Review is produced there, as well as the majority of on-campus posters advertising events. Viking Union 411

Anytime you are on campus, the Recycle Center makes saving the earth a bit easier by providing blue bins for recyclable goods across campus and sorting and picking up all on-campus recycling. The Recycle center collects approximately 3,800 pounds of recyclables each day. It also provides education and increases awareness about the importance of recycling.

Located near Fairhaven College, the Child Development Center is a cooperative that provides daycare for the children of Western students, faculty and staff. Students studying childcare can observe the classrooms, get involved in service learning and other activities with the CDC. Located in stack 12 of the Fairhaven dorms

Lakewood is located on Lake Whatcom, and bus service is frequent during the week and on Saturdays. Sailing, kayaking, windsurfing and other classes are offered there. Equipment is also available for rent at affordable prices (for example, a kayak rental is $3.00). In addition to recreation on the water, the facility has a dock, places to swim and picnic and a volleyball court. There is also a lodge available for club gatherings and other events.

Located on Sinclair Island, the Viqueen lodge covers 13 acres and is available to all Western students, faculty and staff. Reservation services are available through VU Reservations.

The Student Senate is a discussion-based group that advises the Board of Directors. A total of 14 senators serve on the senate. They post a Question of the Month that students can answer in front of the Board office or on the AS website. Based on this question the Student Senate gauges student opinions about various on-campus issues, which are then addressed by the Board. Student senators also attend conferences, committee meetings and serve other jobs in the AS. Above all, they strive to represent student interests. If you want something to change on campus, a good first step is to contact the Student senate. Viking Union 527

Take a stroll through the Outback, a five acre garden located behind the Fairhaven dorms. You'll find classes on herbs and gardening methods, free (first come, first serve) garden plots and a range of projects including the educational and forest gardens and the amphitheatre. The Outback is largely student-run by volunteers. Stop by the office or check out their Web site to find out about workshops, work parties and other events. Viking Union 424