In the upcoming Viking Union Gallery show, the word “artist” is redefined. A Western student artist, who chose to remain anonymous for the show, passed out cameras outside of the Wade King Student Recreation Center and told people to simply take pictures. The result is “An Experiment,” which will run from Jan. 9 through Jan. 20, with a closing reception on Jan. 19.

The cameras passed out by the artist were not given exclusively to students, Viking Union Gallery Director Ashley Hollender said. One of the participants is four  years old, and another six.

“What [this artist] is intending with this show is to directly address art making as a way to encourage active communication with each other,” Hollender said. “It’s something we’re losing touch with in today’s society.”

The anonymity of the artist stems from his wish to place an emphasis on the participants as artists themselves and to encourage interaction for the audience, Hollender said.

“Here you have the great opportunity to use open communicate and actively participate,” the artist told Hollender.

Hollender knows the artist personally, and had heard of the work he was doing, she said.

“I approached him about the possibility of doing a show in the VU Gallery,” she said. “I thought the involvement of the community would make for a great exhibit.