1. Plan ahead
If you plan a night to go out with friends, make sure you know where you are going and how you will get home. If everyone knows the plan, no one will be driving home intoxicated.

2. Know your limit
Decide how much you should drink and stick to it. Everyone should know how much alcohol they can consume before becoming unstable. Take an online blood alcohol level test to know your limit if you are unsure.

3. Drink water
Alcohol dehydrates the body, which can contribute to feeling hungover the next morning. Drink water while consuming alcohol to stay hydrated.

4. Count your drinks
Knowing your limit can only do so much good. Complying with the set limit of drinks also requires knowing how many drinks you’ve had. Make sure to count to avoid being more intoxicated than desired.

5. Avoid party houses
When going to a party, try to not attend one at a house notorious for hosting parties. It is more likely that the police will be called on a house that has previous noise complaints.

6. Know the partygoers
Avoid going to a party filled with people you do not know. If you become overly intoxicated at a party with strangers, it is more likely that sexual assault will occur. When choosing to attend a party full of strangers, always bring friends.

7. Use the buddy system
Take a friend along for a night of drinking in case you drink past your limit. Make sure your friend is willing to watch you and take you home if necessary.

8. Don’t accept drinks
Avoid taking drinks from people you do not know very well. There could be more alcohol in the drink than you are comfortable with or it could be mixed with a drug.

9. The police are your friends
If a party is broken up, cooperate with the police. Treating an officer with respects generally means they will also treat you with respect.

10. Help a friend
If a friend is throwing up due to alcohol, do not leave them. Watch and make sure they aren’t exhibiting any signs of alcohol poisoning. Call 911 if they are unresponsive, having convulsions or unable to stand without help.