While Open Mic Night at the Underground Coffeehouse is a welcomed outlet of expression for Western students, Erotic Poetry Night allows students to express art of a different kind. What has traditionally been a taboo subject has now been transformed into an annual event with large student turnouts.

Erotic Poetry Night, hosted by the AS Sexual Awareness Center, AS Women’s Center and the Voices for Planned Parenthood Club, creates a safe space for sexual expression. The event, occurring on Tuesday, May 27 from 7-9 p.m. in the Old Main Theatre, costs only $2 for students and $3 for non-students.

This traditionally off-limits genre is making its way towards a more accepting and inclusive community, including Western, with its positive attitude towards embracing an outlet for sexual expressions.

One Western student, Ana Epstein, is excited to share her work at Erotic Poetry Night.
“I just feel like it’s a great opportunity to get my writing out there,” Epstein said. “A lot of the poetry I write has erotic undertones, and I’m really excited for a chance to share it with fellow erotic writers.”

Erotic Poetry Night is open for performers to showcase any type of artistic form of expression regarding sexuality and has been one of Western’s most popular events. This may include anything from poetry to dance to song.

While the deadline for submissions ended on May 17, the SAC hosts an event or co-sponsors an event almost every month that explores sexuality and sex-related topics.

The SAC is part of the AS Resource and Outreach Programs and offers a safe and non-judgmental space for anyone seeking information or in need of resources.

If after attending the event, you would like to learn more or explore the resources available, visit the SAC in VU 518 or e-mail the coordinator, Aleesha Alston at as.sac.wwu.edu.