1. Don’t trip, chocolate chip
According to Facilities Management, there are over one million bricks here at Western, so tripping on one is inevitable. But don’t worry, it happens to all of us.

2. Three-day weekend = Ghost town
A three-day weekend rolls around and everyone packs up their laundry baskets to go home, transforming campus into a ghost town. According to the Office of Admissions, 88 percent of students are from Washington, so what do you expect?

3. No umbrellas allowed
Despite all the rain, Western has an unspoken rule against using umbrellas. The rule may be practical – umbrellas don’t fare well when it’s so windy. It may be because Rihanna’s 2007 hit, “Umbrella” made the object too mainstream. Or perhaps, it’s stubborn PNW pride? Whatever the reason, umbrellas are a no-no.

4. Go with the flow
If you’re walking against the flow of traffic in Red Square at 12 p.m., you’re gonna have a bad time. A wise man once said, “No, no, no, stick to the stuff you know. If you wanna be cool follow one simple rule, don’t mess with the flow - no, no.” Yes, that is a High School Musical quote.

5. The unofficial, official uniform
In your closet you have at least one North Face, Columbia or Patagonia item. You also probably have some crew neck you bought at the bookstore. But wait, you’ve also got something plaid, Birkenstocks or hiking boots, Ray Ban-looking sunglasses and a snapback or beanie. Don’t you dare lie, because you know it’s true.

6. Leave early for Warm Cookie Night
This is critical. Unless you want to be waiting outside the dining hall in the cold while people inside are enjoying the deliciousness that is Warm Cookie Night, leave early!

7. Sun’s out, fun’s out...side
Spring quarter hits and suddenly everyone crawls out of their caves to soak up the sun. When the sun is out, Western becomes the stereotypical college campus that we see in movies. Everywhere outside people are hacky-sacking, frolfing (frisbee-golfing, it’s a thing) and tanning in the sun. It’s truly a magical time.

8. Go to the next urinal
This is an unspoken rule of life, not just at Western. Whether it’s in a stall, at a urinal or wherever you decide to do your business, unless you are out of options, don’t go next to someone. It’s awkward. Enough said.

9. You have to do it once...
We’ve all got a Bellingham bucket list. You seriously have to try to eat at every classic Bham food place and you haven’t truly lived in Bellingham until you’ve whined during an Oyster Dome hike.

10. Have fun
The last rule is always to have fun. Even though it’s cliché, forcing people against their will to have fun is important. But seriously, enjoy your time at Western because you only get four or five, maybe six years here.