Western Animal Rights Network (WARN) and the Pigs Peace Sanctuary, located in Stanwood, WA have teamed up for Power to the Pigs, a fundraiser aimed to educate the public about protecting pigs from harm and to raise money for the sanctuary.

The fundraiser, a concert featuring Stillborn Unicorn, Indelible Mess and Human Infest, will be at 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 23 in the Viking Union Multipurpose Room. The trio of performers are all local bands.

“We hope the event will not only raise money, but will also raise awareness and support for the sanctuary,” Shawn Herbold, President and Budget of Authority for WARN said. “We hope people who come to the concert will want to help the sanctuary by attending work parties or volunteering on their own.”

Pigs Peace is home to about 200 pigs, Herbold said. Many of these pigs have special needs and require extra attention, she said. According to the sanctuary's Web site, Pigs Peace “provides medical care, a healthy diet, socialization and a permanent home with loving kindness” for pigs and other animals. It began when founder and director Judy Woods rescued an abandoned pig in 1994, the Web site says.

This event is almost two years in the making. The idea was formed when Woods contacted WARN asking for donations. Herbold decided to organize a concert. It took time to get the idea off the ground, but after months of careful planning WARN and the Pigs Peace Sanctuary has the fundraiser ready.

Though the event was inspired by advocating for animal rights, WARN wants to emphasize that the show is for everyone, regardless of their beliefs concerning the treatment of animals.

“We want everybody to come,” Lola Scribner, WARN club member said. “If we just had people come who are already aware of animal rights, we wouldn't be spreading the message of compassion.”

Adding to this, Herbold said “even if they [the concertgoers] don't come away thinking about animals, they've come together and had a good time.”