Welcome to the 2014 Election Issue of the AS Review. Each year, the Review publishes this special installment to serve as a voter’s guide during the Associated Students Spring Elections. Within these pages you’ll find interviews and campaign platforms of those campaigning for positions on the AS Board of Directors as well as information regarding referendums and initiatives on this year’s ballot.
There are seven positions that serve on the board: the AS President, Vice President for Business and Operations, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Student Life, Vice President for Diversity, Vice President for Activities and the Vice President for Governmental Affairs.
Each position serves as a delegate for specified student interests and is responsible for representing these interests to the university administration.
Some positions represent the students to local and state governments.
The Board of Directors is also tasked with decisions regarding changes within the structure of the AS, organizational budgets, policy, campaigns and other items necessary to the function of student government.
This year’s ballot will include two referendums and two initiatives.
The Legislative Action Fund Referendum regards revising the optional per-quarter $2 fee. After a year on hiatus, the future of the AS Student Senate lies in the hands of student voters with the Student Senate Referendum.
The On-Campus Smoking Policy Initiative will canvas student opinion regarding cigarette smoking on campus. A campaign in opposition to this initiative has been launched. More information on this can be found on p. 23.
The AS Review team has been scrupulous in ensuring that each candidate and referendum or initiative sponsor received the same opportunity in this paper. We reached out to all sponsors and candidates at a required meeting.
Candidates and sponsors were expected to contact a designated member of our team within 48 hours after the meeting to schedule an interview. Each candidate or sponsor was asked the same three questions and given a limit of 150 words for each.
Verbal fillers have been omitted from these responses for clarity and some responses have been shortened to fit the assigned word count. The context of these statements haven’t been altered in any way.
The full statements can be viewed at as.wwu.edu/asreview
Voting begins on Monday, April 28 and closes at 2 p.m. on May 2. Students can vote by logging in to myWestern and selecting the “Elections” tab or by visiting one of the polling stations on campus.
The AS Review would like to thank all of the candidates and initiative and referendum sponsors for their time, as well as AS Elections Coordinator Nic Doherty and Representation and Engagement Programs Associate Director Graham Marmion.
We hope you enjoy this issue and encourage you to make an informed decision.

-- Candidate and sponsor interviews were conducted by AS Review Writers Andrew Wise, C Hayley Halstead, Dominic D’Angelo, Kelly Mason, Assistant Editor Kylie Wade and Editor-in-Chief Cade Schmidt.

-- All official candidate photos in this issue and on the ballot were taken by AS Photographer Isaac Martin and Assistant Photographer Trevor Grimm.

Polling stations will be open everyday during the voting period from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. [except on May 2, as voting closes at 2 p.m.] and will be located in Red Square and on south campus.
The AS Representation and Engagement Programs is seeking volunteers to run the stations. Poll workers can’t be affiliated with a candidate, referendum or initiative in any way.
Those interested can send inquiries to AS Elections Coordinator Nic Doherty at as.elections@wwu.edu.